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Kickstarter Ending (4/12 - 4/19) [Papillon, District 9: The Boardgame, The Ultraviolet Grasslands, Beer Bash: A Skill-Based Drinking Game, Kiwis Versus Morality 2.0, Catakombes Dark Re...]Like| 4 comments | [+]
Kickstarter Ending (5/10 - 5/17) [OmegaWars REDUX, Monster Terrain, Fight! 2nd Edition, Aboleo, Runes & Regulations: A Game of Suburban Sorcery, The Koryo Hall of Adventures 5e Compati...]Like| 1 comment | [+]
Kickstarter Ending (10/18 - 10/25) [The Quest Kids, Glass Knights - The Gentleman’s Chess Board & Drinking Game, Path of Prosperity, D&D RPG Dice Set, Little Monster Detectives, Paul and...]Like| 2 comments | [+]
Kickstarter Ending (10/11 - 10/18) [Dice of the Ancients: A Tabletop RPG Accessory, The Lovecraft Country Holiday Collection, Campaign Medals: Collectable medals for your RPG adventures!...]Like| 0 comments | [+]
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This week I got to play #yardchores.   This rather rare game originated in Denton Texas and is a worker placement game with one worker to place similar to #Raiders of Scythia.  In Yard Work, your worker is assigned to a task, and similar to #Pendulum, you can leave that worker at the same task for an indeterminate amount of time.  If the worker completes a task (there a several types) then s/he scores bonus points with the spouse and earns end-game points.

Tasks include fixing the car, mowing the yard, building the chicken coop, creating a garden, etc.  Some tasks are easy and take very little time while other tasks are more arduous and gain lots of spousal bonus points but also cause negative "soreness" tokens to accrue.  

Sadly, the game is solo and the primary goal is to find a good balance between end-game objectives (drinking a beer and playing a game) and the accruing soreness tokens.

I did poorly this weekend scoring two beers and no games.  

Better luck next weekend perhaps...

Thanks! And a Happy Thanksgiving to you, as well!

I'm thankful for the friendly people I've met here, ones I've started to follow on Instagram in various countries around the world, and the laughs I get from watching Our Family Plays Games on Youtube. They all give me something fun to look forward to.

As for particular gaming related experiences/memories, last year for my 50th birthday, I told my wife I wanted to spend the weekend with my older sisters driving around the town we grew up in in the 70's and spend time playing board games and drinking Italian sodas.  Both my sisters came and we rented a nice house outside of town for three nights.  We did some sight seeing in the small towns around where we grew up, cooked good food, played several fun games, and heard some great stories about our dad (who died when I was 12) that we had never heard before from some friends of his who still live in the area.  It was a great weekend!

This was a fun video.  Definitely do more like it.

Also, super jealous listening to those metal coins clinking around.

we definitely have some extremely similiar tastes.  I don't have #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) yet, but I have a feeling it'll be vying with #Root for the top spot in my collection.

I love the way you describe #Clans of Caledonia.  It also fits with drinking a Scotch while playing.  It's like being home in a sense.

We typically stay put in Colorado but every once in a while head to my in-laws in Santa Fe New Mexico.  However, we are always back by Sunday after Thanksgiving because that's when one of our most important family traditions takes place.  Since the Sunday one week after Christmas (usually the first in December) is the beginning of Advent and we want to focus on prayer and God we set up for Advent and Christmas the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  I'm obsessed with Advent and Christmas and it's a great time for our family.

When I was a kid the one thing we had every year that I miss because other places (besides New England) don't really do it (at least none that Ive heard of)... is mashed turnips.

Besides that food wise, it all the normal stuff... but we do a lot more day drinking and I'll have the fire roaring all day.

We will probably get in a few family games which will be great.  Hopefully a round of #My Little Scythe.

1. Don't set your beer down on the gameboard!  "Why the hell did I give you a coaster buddy!?"

2. Please don't handle your game pieces after you touched everything on the cheeseboard. "Um, dumbass, that white cylinder there is NOT toilet paper in case were ignoring it for that reason."

3. Don't lean onto the flimsy gaming table. "I am happy to hand you anything you need.  Yes, we can move your playermarker for you, no need to bellyflop onto the game area."

4. Text if you are going to be late. "No, no, it's okay.  I know we agreed on this time two weeks ago. Scythe can wait for YOU, my friend...(whispering to on time player, "Give duffus the worst faction/player board combo")

5. Have the game ready to play if you are hosting.  "Soooo, ARE we playing Robinson Crusoe tonight? (looking at watch) We've been here an hour and I don;t see a game and your kids are coloringon the kitchen table."

6. Ask before grabbing a beer you've never seen out of the fridge.  "Oooh, I uh, see you have my Westvleteren 12 there, no glass, just drinking it like a Bud Light.  OMG, someone stab this idiot!"

7. Lose or win with gratuity.  "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU TOOK THAT BIRD FROM THE TRAY!! Now I'm going to miss out AGAIN!"  "Um, Fred, I noticed that bird has been in the Tray for 3-4 turns and you've had the food to take it AND play but laid eggs instead."  Fred: "Yeah, so?"

8. Try not to bump the table when you get up. "No, that's ok Gary, we put everything back...(looks hopelessly at four scattered Azul boards)

This is a curiousity.  I feel like the #Viticulture: Essential Edition is fairly complete as a game and wonder what they will add to the current game.  Possibly a legacy system for playing through several seasons?  They would be my guess.  Maybe even a bridge additon allowing #Wingspan and #Viticulture: Essential Edition to interact with one another.  Do I sell wine or fill the birdbath with it?  Do I build a structure for by birds or let them fly around the vinyard freely?  If I have the Jurassic expansion for Wingspan, how does that impact my PR when a guest is mauled?  How do I handle my summer visitor with a bird allergy?

#Scythe crossover wouldn't work since alternant 1920's was a beer drinking culture and wine drinkers would only cause the proletariant to lose popularity.

Phil asking some really fun and good questions lately.  I don't know how many of my games I've rated on here, but it does seem like in the beginning of this site it was varied because not many games have more than 3 - 4 stars.  At least that's what I've noticed.

1. I rarely revisit and change my score unless I had an initial reaction and it significantly changed after more plays.  I try to make sure this is really reflective of the game I've played.  Usually a game gets played less by me because I feel like I've gotten all I want out of it or there are other games that I want to play more that I like more.  If that happens though I won't drop the score.  It's not that the game has become worse over time, just that it's currently being superseded.  I don't want a low rating to cause someone else to turn away from the game.

2. I actually probably give higher scores than some others would to most games.  Mostly because getting a game out isn't as common for me as it is for others so I'm just happy to be able to be playing a game.  I think in a sense I'm less nitpicky.  To get a perfect score though it's going to have to have a lot of mechanics I like all happening at once.  Also it would have to have mechanics I think are really interesting and fun.  Root and Viticulture are both games I'd give a perfect score to.  Root because I love area control, negative player interaction, and asymmetry.  Viticulture because I love drinking wine while playing it so the theme is cool, but also because I love engine building, and I also love the wake up chart.  Most games I play are going to get a 4 out of 5 rating (if that's the scale).  This is because while I love them they are just off a little.  Scythe is a great example, most people here know I'd prefer a meatier combat experience (in the base game, I haven't added Fenris yet).

EDIT: Quality components and art are also things I really enjoy.  I love the aesthetics of games.  If I love a game and would give it a perfect score but the components and art are low quality that will lower my score.

3. I don't think I have any anomalies because I love all different styles of games and mechanics.  I know when I listen to some reviewers they really only like worker placement, or euros, or war games.  I'm not like that.  I want different mechanics and strategies in different games.  I don't want to play essentially the same game with one or two twists when I get a game out.

Now I think I'll go check my ratings here and add some that I haven't yet.