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ReviewPuzzle Postcards Aplenty! – Settler of the Boards ( [The Copycat Files, Parabola: Wish You Were Here Part III]Like| 3 comments | [+]
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Played at least one game every day this week! Sarah was such a good sport about playing.

#Exit: The Game - The Sunken Treasure - One of the games I got with my giveaway winnings. For our first Exit game, it was probably a little too simple, though I will admit a couple of the puzzles had us stumped for longer than they should have. Only needed 1 hint card in the end!

#Gaia Project - Oh man this game is great. Played it twice - once with Sarah and once solo and had an awesome time with each. With Sarah we had a close game I eeked out the win in the end and against the automa I played a little better but still got my butt kicked. Can't wait to get this played again.

#Qwixx - Sarah actually suggested we play this one night so of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity!

#Dominion: Intrigue (Second Edition) - Played with one of the sets that incorporates just this expansion. We wound up tied, but I had taken less turns, which was a tie breaker I didn't know existed lol.

#Concordia - Always a good time playing Concordia. Felt like I finally honed in on a strategy for once and didn't just pick up cards for seemingly no reason. Such a great game.

#Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization - Finally broke this one out after my brother gifted it to me for Christmas. A lot going on in this one and teaching it ended up being a challenge. We used the suggested "first game" edits (basically less militaristic and a shorter game overall). Somehow Sarah ended up with the better opinion of the game between the two of us. I don't know if I'm eager to play again (and I wouldn't say she is eager to play again either) but I was a little suprised she said she was willing to give it another go.

#The Castles of Burgundy - At least when I play this in real life I can still win lol

#Spirit Island - Played this solo with a couple of spirits I hadn't played with before, Thunderspeaker and Bringer of Dreams and Nightmares. Didn't really have any expectations as to how these would work together, but they didn't help get the enemies off the board as much as I would have liked. Managed to survive long enough to get a fear victory though!

#Splendor - Not a whole lot to say here. Fun little engine builder that I should really introduce to some non-gamers.

Continued our trend of playing some of our newer games with a game of #Glen More II: Chronicles. Picked this up with my giveaway winnings and couldn't be happier with my decision. A really fun puzzle that feels like we're just beginning to explore with all the chronicles content included. Helps that Sarah really enjoyed it too. I've been on a roll finding games she likes again.

Got beat in another game of #The Castles of Burgundy on Yucata with . No surprises there lol.

With all my new games, we've been looking at how we can cut some games out from the collection. Played #Fabled Fruit for the first time in nearly a year. We'd like to get through all the cards before we get rid of this one and we're nearly there - I think we just put out card 50 of 59 so we should just need a few more sessions now to wrap it up. 

Finished up the week with a favorite of ours in #Wingspan with the #Wingspan: Oceania Expansion. I had pretty good luck with the cards being exactly what I was looking for, so I beat Sarah by 20 points. This just adds to her suspicion that when I win, I win big and when she wins it's a much closer game haha.


I am serious. If board game cafes had a kid friendly space where they could be entertained for 2-3 hours, we would go there every weekend.

Think a couple of instructors teaching them children games, puzzles, legos, maybe even some scientific toys, heck, even a Wii with Mario Kart or Just Dance.

Shit. Forget about grown up games. Just open it besides a restaurant.

I don't think I've played board games when I am sick (although I am fortunate enough to not get sick on the whole so only a small sample size). However, I when I am exhausted or in a bit of a 'meh' mood then board games can be fun. Likewise, I often organise weekends with my friends from back in university which involve a lot of board gaming and a lazy, Sunday morning round of light games before everyone is fully awake can be nice.

2) I recently downloaded the #One Deck Dungeon app as it was on sale for 89p (around a dollar for the yanks) and I could definitely see either on the app or in person that being a nice one to play when sick: lots of dice, minimal long term planning, just enough puzzle to engage the mind

Got to play #Aeon's End: Outcasts with a friend.  We played two games and lost the first but won the second.  I thought this was a fun game and I can see why folks like it though I did not feel it would find a good home in my own collection.  The luck factor was a bit too high for me personally and I didn't find the deck building mechanics to be as inspiring as I have heard.  That being said, I had fun and would play this one again down the road.

Finally got back to the proverbial #Gloomhaven table and now we have three!  Still working through the Aester Diviner quests while training up a fledgling Cragheart. 

 As usual, this is just such a great game to get back into again.

The goal is to get our new player up to speed before #Frosthaven is delivered around September.  

The surprise game of the weekend for me was #Barenpark .  This was really fun and I like the simple tetrisy puzzle is presents.  I might look to add this one to my collection in 2022.

Got a good variety of plays in this week!

  • #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale:(physical, solo): This time with coloured pencils.  :)  This is one of my favourite roll and write games and I reviewed it recently...err, I can't seem to find the review on the site. , was it that bad? ;)
  • #AuZtralia (physical, solo): This is a quirky Martin Wallace games with a mix of economics, combat, Australia, and Cthulu!  I don't have anything else quite like it in my collection.  See my review here: R0land's Rambling Reviews: Auztralia | Board Game Atlas
  • #Tales of the Arabian Nights (TTS, Multiplayer): First time playing this game.  It's more or less a story generating engine loosely in game form but it was quite enjoyable for an evening.  I was a bit tired so it was a nice and relaxing game to play.
  • #Welcome to... (Board Game Arena, Multiplayer): Got two games in.  This one is a fun roll & write game.  It's a bit more straightforward than Cartographers, which I prefer, but it's still quite fun and a quick filler.
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (x2) (TTS, Multiplayer): Got my game group to give this one a shot online.  Imported my deck in to the TTS mod for that authentic feel.  It was nice to get that multiplayer synergy going.  Solo is still fun, albeit it a bit swingy, and it's like having 2 really different games in one package.  I also reviewed this one here: R0land's Rambling Reviews: Marvel Champions | Board Game Atlas  (I promise that's the last one!)
  • #Gaia Project (x2) (Physical, solo): Got a great deal on it and it arrived on Friday.  Two solo games so far.  Haven't won either but I really like the system they are using for solo.  Now I need to spend some time really thinking my moves out instead of the system.  Absolutely love this game!  The game is tight but there are tons of paths to victory.  The puzzle of expanding your empire, while having to work around other players, and scrounging up resources to do the things you need, all the while looking at the round and end game objectives is just sweet!  Especially when you pull a plan together that works really well.
  • #The Search for Planet X (TTS, Multiplayer): First game of this.  I'm not a huge deduction game fan but this one I really liked!  The puzzle of searching broad vs narrow, not spending too much time relative to other players, and trying to guess what they are going for is really nice! I might just have to pick this one up myself!
  • #Brass: Birmingham (Physical, solo): I used solo rules I found online.  The solo rules are really smooth so I think I'll be playing this one solo more often.  If you've never played Brass it's another game that I have never quite seen anything like it.  Players build and network among other players, often using the other players resources which helps out both parties.  It's often a question of being able to make the big plays at the right time and making sure that you get more out of the bargain when interacting with other players.  It's hard to explain if you haven't seen it in action but it's well worth checking out!

Good week!

Edit: Looks like the missing review was due to user error!

Okay week for me so far

Monday played 3 games of #Paleo @ 2 players.  Won the first game pretty easily.  Jumped the difficulty up to Medium/Medium (Modules E and F) and got crushed the first game.  Tried it again and was closer to winning but was one wood short during a night phase and lost.  I don't think this game is for me. 

Did a solo play of #APEX Theropod Deck Building Game: Collected Edition.  Played one of medium difficulty species and a hard boss and got crushed.  Still a pretty enjoyable puzzle.  I think with a little better luck with the hunting grounds I would have been okay. 

Thursday night got in a game of #Ethnos @ 3 players.  One of the guys ran away witih it, pretty close battle for 2nd though.  Followed up by a game of #The Estates  which was the 2nd play for everyone and it was significantly different than the first play.  We all ended up with negative scores, which was kinda funny.  Enjoyed it more on the 2nd play.  Finished the night with 4 games of #Skull  - we each one one of the first 3 so played a 4th to determine overall winner.  Such a great game and it playes really well at all ages and most player counts (6 can get a little long).

Having a gaming Saturday planned for roughly 9 hours of gaming planned.  We'll see what gets played.

Played the first 3 scenarios and that's when I knew my group was ready for Gloomhaven.  Pretty solid game with a nice puzzle.  Highly recommend.

#Hallertau - played solo just to learn how the game works and it feels like a nice change for an Uwe game! Not sure where it sits for me compared to his other designs, but I am eagar to play it more.

#Underwater Cities - easily a top 5 game for me. So many satisfying and agonizing decisions here - and even without the expansion, there are SO many cards to keep each game different and fresh. I love the spatial puzzle of building up your cities and network. The combination of card play and worker placement is very interesting.

#Terraforming Mars - another top 5 for me. I know many have tried to compare this with Underwater Cities, which of course the card play has some similarities to it. This is a bit more streamlined and plays faster. I feel like in this game you are reacting a lot more to the cards you draw and developing a strategy on the fly. That isn't all bad, but it just feels different in that respect to Underwater Cities where you are planning a lot more based on the type (color) of cards you have. Excitied to finally try out some expansion content.

#Architects of the West Kingdom - fascinating take on worker placement. I think it is fun and hilarious that they main way you retrieve your workers back is by freeing them from prison/opponent who captured them. The worker invesment idea is really interesting and there is much more uncertaintiy in this compared to traditional worker placement games where you always place the same number of workers per round and always get them back at the end of the round. Excited to throw in the expansion for some added depth and strategy!

Played #In the Hall of the Mountain King w/ 3 players.  First game for all 3 of us and it was really good.  Scores ended up being pretty close 124, 122, 116.  Game started a little slow but really ramped up well and turned into a decent little puzzle at the end.  Really enjoyed.  8.5/10 for me. 

I have unintentionally actually played a whole bunch of his games:

#Great Western Trail - This is certainly in my top 15 games of all time. It is both tactical and strategic, full of theme, lots of paths to victory with just a handful of luck based elements to stop it becoming too dry. I love the interlocking mechanics and the little bits of interaction are fun (although the lack of positive interaction is maybe my only critique)

#Blackout: Hong Kong - also a great interlocking puzzle, it lacked a lot of the heart and thematic tie-in that I felt GWT had. So while I'd happily sit down and play it GWT is in my collection.

#Port Royal - I really like this game, it's quick, simple but the push your luck and miniature amounts of tableau building keep it satisfying and tense. Also the fact that everyone can potentially get something on every person's turn keeps everyone engaged the whole time, which is great.

#Oh My Goods! - a really fun engine builder. Doesn't try to be more than an it is, which I respect it for. You build very satisfying little conveyor belts and whole there is an element of luck to it (what you draw) it is over quick enough that that isn't to much of a drag and you can always do something clever. Also, the multi-use cards are very clever and mean it packs up nice and small.

Depends on what you looking for but of those GWT is my favourite but it is a medium weight game and quite intimidating for newer players as there is so much possibility. I've had a lot of 'I understand all the rules, but what should I actually do' when people first play, so keep that in mind.