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Kickstarter Ending (10/18 - 10/25) [The Quest Kids, Glass Knights - The Gentleman’s Chess Board & Drinking Game, Path of Prosperity, D&D RPG Dice Set, Little Monster Detectives, Paul and...]Like| 2 comments | [+]
Kickstarter Ending (4/10 - 4/17) [Cleocatra - Saving Cats in the Pyramids, Sociables Game, Kingdoms: The Tabletop Game, ABOVE THE CLOUDS ww2 air combat, Welcome to The Wizard's Tower, ...]Like| 0 comments | [+]
Phillip Millman, Two-Time Baseball Highlights 2045 World Champion & Board Game Phenomenon image
BGAPhillip Millman, Two-Time Baseball Highlights 2045 World Champion & Board Game Phenomenon [Baseball Highlights: 2045 - Spring Training, Baseball Highlights: 2045, Baseball Highlights: 2045 Super Deluxe Edition]Like| 11 comments | [+]
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Quinns and Matt of SUSD always bring a good time. even if the game they review doesn't interest me much. So that's good marketing :)

The quick and dry humor of (3 minut boardgame), like at  the end of the #Barrage review packs a punch though! :D It's the only Patron I have running because he is super-authentic, friendly, warm and funny. 

Dice tower tries too hard, video's are too long and it's too much about themselves, while the examples above are not. 




SUSD's humor works well for me, particularly Quinns and Tom's antics. Quinns is fun to listen to in general, and Tom is just... really out there but in a great way lol.

Jeff from The Dragon's Tomb is another content creator that I've enjoyed for comedy:

The game looks solid, it uses it's meeple theme in a humorous way, and the value seems good. I wasn't immediately interested when I first saw the name pop up a few weeks ago, but when I looked into it while I was board and burning time in a waiting room I was sold on it and backed (especially because it's the same designer as champions of midgard which I really like)

We like #Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure a lot but we think that even though games aren't on the short side of deck building games, players' decks grow so big that there is very limited space for cool interaction between cards. We love the humor, the setting, the dragon, the push-your-luck element, etc. But if we simply want to enjoy deck building, we play #The Quest for El Dorado

This is my first time checking out your videos, love the humor! And this was a great video to start out on.

So one aspect that drove me to back this game when Eagle-Gryphon first offered it was the fact that I could not find the original game for less than $250.  That's not something SUSD mentions but I have to agree that none of the mechanics are vastly different.  I would agree that Eagle-Gryphon does a decent job but does cut some corners.  I think for $100 it should have included the coins.  

That being said, I do love playing this game and have no regrets purchasing it.  It's no #Scythe but then not many games are.  I don't believe they are making a tom of copies of this game so I will not be surprised if it goes out of print again.  The price does keep me from recommending it to many folks.  I'd say #The Gallerist falling to a similar category (It too can be used to place side-by-side on a shelf with #Rococo: Deluxe Edition) and while a game I enjoy, too expensive to recomment to most.  Nice quailty in general, but for $100, the quality could be better.

I enjoy the humor.  He has a great review of #Crokinole .  

1. I am very interested in GtR. But no, I would not spend $250 on my grail game. Not until I'm a billionaire with all kinds of money to throw around haha

2. I enjoyed a ton of new games this year, but I'm going to have to go with #Star Wars: Rebellion for my most-enjoyed game of the year. I can't believe it took me this long to play it! Now to find a way to own it haha

3. Most surprising game for me was probably #Unfair. I got to do a review of it and while I was pretty sure I would enjoy it, I didn't anticipate loving it. So. Good. Also #The One Hundred Torii was a huge surprise to me and is also a new favorite.

4. Top five, eh? Welp, here goes nothing:

  1. #Star Wars: Rebellion because WOW it is incredibly thematic, long enough to feel like an epic, and oh so fun. See also: Star Wars.
  2. #Nemesis. I doubt I will ever own this game, as it is quite pricey. But each time I've played it at game night (R.I.P.) was one of the best game nights ever. The thematic narrative and semi-cooperative aspects with palpable tension makes it one that sucks me right in.
  3. #Star Wars X-Wing. Now, it has been a few years since I've played this game, but I still long to play it, so I'm including it. It's always been my top favorite, but not having played it in a very long time kind of forces me to push it down on the list. I love the simulation of space battles, the Star Wars theme, and the various builds. I love maneuvering and mitigating my luck via abilities.
  4. #Unfair. I'm going to go ahead and move this one into my top five. It is wicked fun; building your theme park, demolishing stuff from your opponents' parks (and vice versa), tableau building, and a fun sense of humor all packed into a smooth game that always seems to want me coming back for me. Plus, with all the theme decks with their various abilities and whatnot, there is loads of gameplay here.
  5. #The One Hundred Torii. Simple, yet elegant. This tile-laying game is the new #Carcassonne as far as I'm concerned. With some good brain exercises, useful resources (i.e. character abilities) and a beautiful garden by the end of the game, The One Hundred Torrii is marvelous. And I love it solo. 

And now there are some dozens of other games I must apologize to for not making my top five.

I agree with what people have said so far.  Social deduction, any game that is "mean" or has lots of "take that" to it, definitely.  Also humor can be a weird defining factor.  I have a few specific examples of this that stand out in my mind. 

  • Personally, I can't play #Cards Against Humanity.  I know taboo is supposed to make things edgy funny, but I feel like there are some things in that deck that just shouldn't be laughed at. 
  • I played the game of #Things... with one group several times and we all thought it was hilarious.  Then brought it to another group and it completely fell flat.  I tried making the same types of jokes as before and no one could see why it was funny.  
  • Oddly enough, #Apples to Apples was another one that had something like this happen.  My family tried to bring it to an extended family gathering because we thought it was a no-brainer.  Very simple premise, easy to understand, will be great with a bunch of non-gamers.  They played it straight literal the whole time.  It was terrible.  We'd try putting something weird in there or pandering to the judge and no one understood what we were trying to do. 

So yeah, if it can happen with something as basic as Apples to Apples, apparently the right sense of humor is very important in gameplay haha. 

Another game that comes to mind is one I've mentioned a few times here before.  #Once Upon a Time: The Storytelling Card Game you have to have kind of a gentlemen's agreement with the other players about not spamming your cards trying super hard to "win" the game.  (The rules do specifically say not to do this, but its kind of up to the group to say what playing your cards too fast is.)  This is definitely a game that's more about the journey than the end result. 

So my current reading is extremely highbrow. (NOT)

I am currently reading:

The African Adventurers: A Return to the Silent Places by Peter Hathaway Capstick. I like reading  Capstick for fun.

I am also reading, for theraputic humor, The Good Samaritan Strikes Again by Patrick McManus. I love reading McManus. He is so so funny.

Lastly, I am reading A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold. This is a book I read at least on an anual basis.