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Kickstarter Ending (4/5 - 4/12) [Mixtape Massacre: Escape from Tall Oaks, Potemkin Empire, Beat The Bookie - Horse Racing Board Game and Card Game, Townsfolke 2: The Free Folke, Dive ...]Like| 3 comments | [+]
Kickstarter Ending (5/8 - 5/15) [RESTAURANT KINGDOM, End of the Line: Bunker Edition, Roads to Adventure: STL Files for Large Primitive 3D Roads, St. patrick's angry leprechaun, Townb...]Like| 0 comments | [+]
Kickstarter Ending (11/29 - 12/6) [DOCE™ CLASSIC - Gaming on a whole new level™, Mafia: Crime Scene, Indie 5E Adventure Needs Epic Boss Miniature Sculpted!, Gorgasali Battle Royale, Bal...]Like| 1 comment | [+]
Top 5 Travel Games [Coup, The Grizzled, 13 Minutes: The Cuban Missile Crisis, Welcome to the Dungeon, The Fox in the Forest Duet]Like| 0 comments | [+]
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Oh boy... you've seen my posts before, so strap in and get ready...


#Arcadia Quest: Riders, #Arcadia Quest: Frost Dragon Expansion, #Arcadia Quest: Fire Dragon Expansion, Arcadia Quest Poison Dragon Expansion, #ArchRavels (KS delivery), #The Battle of Armageddon (KS delivery), #Detective: A Modern Crime Game (Ding & Dent sale), #Dominant Species: Marine (P500 preorder), #Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia, #Euphoria: Ignorance Is Bliss, #Excavation Earth, #Excavation Earth: Second Wave, #Faiyum, #The Great Race (KS delivery), #Marvel Champions: The Card Game - Scarlet Witch Hero Pack#Mini Express 🚂 A century of railroad expansion in 60 mins⏱️ (KS Delivery), #Overboss: A Boss Monster Adventure (KS delivery), #Pulsar 2849, #Rise of Tribes: Beasts & Bronze (KS dleivery all-in), #Ruins of Mars (KS Delivery), #Scythe: Modular Board, #Twilight Struggle, #Venice (KS dleivery), #Versailles 1919, #War of the Ring: Second Edition

That should be everything but I may have forgotten to put an aquisition date on something in my database so it didn't show up when I filtered. 

Thinking about Removing

#Transylvania: Curses & Traitors - Backed it on Kickstarter. Have never played it and haven't heard good things about it so I may just pass it on to Goodwill. Some kid who has never played anything but Mouse Trap or Monopoly may have their mind blown by it. 

#Zombicide - with the 2nd edition on its way, no need to keep this. Again, likely going to Goodwill to blow some kids mind. 

#Ghostbusters: The Board Game - Fell flat. Off to Goodwill.

#Bowling for Zombies!!! - Wanted to support a local company (Twilight Creations is in Cincinnati) but... eeeehhh...

#Battue: Storm of the Horse Lords - I bought it for $5 so my expectations weren't high. Off it goes.

#Traveller Customizable Card Game: Collector's Edition - Sounded neat... but card games are always more miss than hit with me. 

#Imperial Settlers - Totally meh. Will likely look to trade this in a math trade.

#The Island of El Dorado - Meh. Probably off to Goodwill.

#Hordes High Command - It's a card game. Blah. 

On My Radar

#Origins: First Builders and #Tabannusi: Builders of Ur are about the only non-KS games on my radar. I made a post a while back about my anticipated Kickstarters. (My Top 10 Anticipated Kickstarter Campaigns)

I mostly play solo games via apps, so if I'm going to break one out IRL I find that it needs to be quick to set up, quick to play, and easy to run. I'm more likely to play them when I'm out of my house, so portability is key. Here are a few of my favorites:

#One Deck Dungeon

This one has an app, but I still like to roll dice sometimes. The game flows smoothly and there's barely any setup. There's even a campaign mode where you can level up your heroes over several games.


Very cool little solo deckbuilder. Instead of the traditional deckbuilding mechanic where you're building up your buying capacity, this one is a series of choices about whether to add new cards or trash bad ones.

#Ascension: Deckbuilding Game

Another thing I'm not big on in solo games is AI flow charts or "automas". Ascension is the rare game I play solo that wasn't designed that way.

I play a variant that someone adapted from the #Star Realms solo rules. Of course I could just play Star Realms, but I have that in a huge box. I keep a copy of the #Ascension: Apprentice Edition separate so I just have a little deck box to carry around. I even designed some custom cards on DriveThruCards for reference! Gamewise, it plays pretty much like the original game and the "Realms Variant" provides a nice challenge.

These first three are fairly portable, but being card-based, will still require a table or flat surface (I can fold down a seat in my van and play on the back.) The next two are even more portable...

#Delve: The Dice Game

This is a simple little print-and-play dice roller with a dungeoneering theme. Super portable - I keep the map in a page protector that I can write on with a dry erase marker. I've played this game in a lawn chair! :)

#Dungeon Roll

Another very portable dice roller. Fun push-your luck with variability from different characters. I've repackaged it into an old travel Yahtzee case so it's easy to play in the car. Keep an eye out for these at thrift stores!

We also bought a travel trailer camper (a dream of ours for a while)... we bought it toward the end of the season though so we are taking our first trip in June.

  1. What was your first trip in your RV?
  2. I love different beers for different seasons.  What are you favorite... summer, fall, winter, and spring?  Why?

We went to a local place about 15 minutes away because we were nervous and didn't know what we were doing.  Now that the travel trailer is pretty well stocked it's a lot easier.

I tend toward different things in different seasons as well.  Winter, I go heavy on stouts and quads and BA varieties.  Yeti Imperial Stout is my fav but Hibernation Ale is a good second (same brewery) and Old Rasputin is a nice goto now and again.  KBS, Saint Bernardus, Westvleteren 12, and Prairie Bomb! all great winter beers.

In Spring I like to swing toward some lighter fair so Orabella, Oaked Mosaic, more pilsners, and different IPAs hit the spot.

Come summer I love trying the sour ales a bit more and diving into IPAs.  Julius from Treehouse, Heady Topper, Yellow Rose IPA...there's a ton of good stuff around and I'll find quite a few options on our National Park tour.

Fall tends to bring several options but Firestone Walker is one of y favorite breweries and they tend to have some of their rarer specialties in town near that time of year or a tap takeover at one of the local places.  

It gets hot in Texas during the summer and I imagine that is why I like the sours and IPAs and pilsners during that time.  But even during the summer I will throw back a Yeti.  Yeti is just magic in a can for me.

I love the idea of sticking with "one good game a year".  I think a lot of good quality gets missed by many companies because of the lure of profitable margins over product growth, or the pressure from investors lead producers and designers down a different path.  Thanks for holding the line Jamey and being willing to take "the path less traveled" to create consistent quality in the industry!

I thought of another fun gamestore option while pondering 's boozy milkshakes.  If the milkshake place adds Philly Cheesesteaks (legit ones!) to the menu, I might have to expand my travel radius to half-way across the country.

That being said, boardgames and beer are two of my favorite things.  I would love to see a gamestore that also offered specialty taps and a play area.  There used to be an arcade in Denton that served beer and had about 50 or so classic arcades and pinball machines.  They closed down during COVID for obvious reasons.  Seeing something similar to this but with a boardgame venue would be a lot of fun.  Perhaps even a library of games to choose from that could be purchased at a discounted rate based on the number of plays the game had on it.  

Board game time travel, all of a sudden it's four rounds later and you have no idea what just happened.

The math in #Azul in between round melts my brain. Love the game but it gets exhausting.