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Medieval Academy Review - A Squire of the Realm image
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Nice giveaway

1- I love Roman epoch and I've seen some french review of the game, but I won't pay 250$ for a boardgame.

2- Probably Auztralia, nice solo and 2 maps, but it was hard when you receive a ks game every month to choose.

3- Red Outpost with the mechanic of the mood making point and using some workers on a bad place to cut chance of too many points with their influence.

4- ERA: medieval age, Rise of Tribes, Coraline: beware the other mother, Auztralia and Red Outpost  are my 5 favorites this years for their solo. :) 

1. I believe it was BBG. But possibly a google search.

2. Probably my entire life. I have always been playing games. More in my tweens and Teens and now at 47 I Love the hobby. Co-owner of and our first designed game came out in January. May games in development but about 3-4 getting much closer to finished...

3. At the moment is the best part because it always changes. Mathemagician's Duel but we will not count it because I am biased. So... Raptor, Imhotep, Medieval Academy. But it is always so hard to pick. Space Hulk and Blood Bowl if we are talking miniature games.


1. A dry gray, dytopian mess.  Pick something to do, get some things or move some things, use, those things to do a few more things, win the game if you did the most efficient things.  Lots of wood and plastic pieces that do those things you do.  

2. Take turns placing differently colored wooden people onto a board to take an action.  Lots of different actions to take that do differnent things from gaining money and other stuff to moving our some other wooden pieced.  Medieval themed with cartoony art.

3. Collect bird cards and eggs using food and try to have the best birds by the end of the game.

4. Braveheart themed game that you try to buy land and buildings or livestock to make items to sell or trade to get different items your buildings don't create.  Score points for doing these things better than other players.

5. Put some cardboard pieces together and read a bit of story.  Pick a character to play with and move around on the cardboard pieces trying to defeat enemies.  If you complete that bit of story you get to put together different cardboard pieces and try to kill different enemies.  The better you do at this the more experience you get and different bits of story can be read.

I ran a Catan National Qualifier. We had 16 participants. It was really fun to watch the competition. People were stoked to play in it and the prize support from Asmodee was great. The winner is going to go to Columbus for the finals with a chance to win a trip to worlds on Malta!

Someone else at the con borrowed and played my fully painted and blinged Scythe.

I got to play Silver and Gold, Medieval Academy and It's a Wonderful Life

Medieval Academy and Incan Gold are cool little games. Incan Gold is great with a group and I think pretty underrated.

I don't remember what the last five were, but here are 5 of the group.

1. Orleans (awesome bag builder euro

2. Silver and gold (great little filler)

3. Thunder Road (perfect when your brain is fried at the end of a long gaming day

4. OffShore. I wanted to hate the theme, but the game is actually pretty strong

5. Tapestry. I don't even know how to rate this yet, but I want to play it again.

I played Medieval Academy for the first time on Thanksgiving. Pretty fun game! I like the mechanics behind it.

Have you played Altiplano? It's the same designer who made Orleans. 

We played a bunch this past week, which was amazing! Here's what we played (according to my memory)


Twice as Clever

Treasure Hunter (x2)

Medieval Academy

Outer Rim

Point Salad

Incan Gold

Western Legends

And everything was amazing :) 

I went for a chit-pull mechanic. Every game like this has medieval times vibes, lets get a spacey/Sci-fi version!

Era: Medieval Age looks like a fun world-building game

At least partial list of what I played at the con:

  • Hamsterolle
  • Pitch Car
  • Palaces of Carara
  • Great Western Trail
  • Honshu (new to me)
  • Kanagawa (new to me)
  • Godfather (new to me)
  • Colt Express
  • Capital Lux (new to me)
  • Medieval Madness
  • Tzolkin
  • Start Player
  • King of Tokyo

I think I played a few more, but can't remember now.