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Firstly, and most family gifted me #Coffee Traders last week ( which I haven't been able to play yet as it arrived the day before we left for a weekend family trip.  But I am greatly looking forward to getting this one to the table :)

#Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef belongs to a friend who requested my services reading through the rules and teaching.  We played last night and I did a terrible job really as I had read through everything about a week prior and we were still recovering from getting back into town that same day.  Definitely an Ameri-trash style game with beautiful art and an array of dice throwing with simple mitigation and worker placement to obtain resources for what is ultimately a points race rally.  We had fun and I would play again but this is definitely not a game I'd pursue for my own collection.  The figurings are nicely done and the game is generally engaging and relatively easy to play.  

#Brass: Birmingham with my brother in Arkansas.  He had never played the game and he tends to like economic games.  This is just such a fantastic game.

#Kero was brought to the table by my brother and is an interesting two-player game involving timers kept inside of trucks that you use a real-time dice-rolling mechanic to refill and represents your 'fuel' for other actions in the game.  While I would not recommend this game I wil say that it was unique and I could see some of the mechanics used down the road in different ways.  For instance, when I want to 'refuel' my truck, I turn my truck-timer so that it starts refueling and simultaneously my opponent rolls eight dice until all faces show the same side (in real-time) and with one hand.  Once my opponent has all 8 die on the same side, I have to stop refueling.  

#Res Arcana was another game my brother brought and I found this game to be pretty interesting.  I'd really like to get it again and I might consider looking for a used copy as it was quite a lot of fun and strategy in a small box.

#Canvas with my mom.  Mostly to keep her busy while others were cooking.  She likes playing games but isn't terribly good at them.  Never-the-less, Canvas is a unique art-puzzle game.

#Rococo: Deluxe Edition with my family before we left for the weekend.  Had to leave out the Jewelery Box expansion the last two times due to teaching the game to new players.  This is a great game to play and I how to get the solo back to the table to finally get a win on Madame DuBerry!

#Teotihuacan: City of Gods - still have two games going on BoardGameArena and love playing this game.  

#Lost Ruins of Arnak - started a new game on BoardGameArena with a few friends.  Actually, they started it, but it is a fun game and I enjoy playing.  

We've done a dexterity theme and had 5 games going at once. Lots of people in our house haha But it was a lot of fun! We had games of #Crokinole, #Disc Duelers, #Zoo Ball, #Flip Ships, and #Coconuts. Most of the people who came were new to games but everyone had a great time. 

I want to do a sci-fi/space themed night, as well as fantasy, real-time, and another dexterity night. Nature would be a lot of fun too.

I had a great weekend of gaming, mostly online, but still! 

#Endless Winter: Paleoamericans - this was as good as advertised -- worker placement + deck building + some spatial puzzles and area control? Count me in! 

#Wingspan: Oceania Expansion - more plays of this expansion, which so far has some of the most fun cards I've seen. Love the 'wild' nectar mechanic and the tension / fun that it brings. 

#Lorenzo il Magnifico - I finally one a game of Lorenzo playing on Yucata! It was a two player game against a friend, and we played it as if it were real-time, so I could see the flow through of decisions. I really, really like this game the more I play it. 

Three Sisters -- the spiritual successor to #Fleet: The Dice Game by Motor City Gameworks. It is coming to Kickstarter in a couple of months, and I was lucky enough to snag a review copy. Yes, it is a 'thinky' randeauxwriter, but the back half of the game has so many combos that you feel like you are popping bubble wrap. Plus, it has a fun theme of gardening in your backyard. 

I went from tons over Thanksgiving to just a couple last week 😒  Played #7 Wonders Duel online, and played #Sorcerer City for the first time with my 14 yo son last night.  Sorcerer was actually more fun than I thought it would be, I was really wary of real-time play.  Of course my some tripled my score, but I figured it was a learning game 😂  Got the rule wrong where the person with least prestige gets a free tile which would have helped alot.  So next time I'm sure he will only double my score...still a fun game, and heck, I got it on sale for $20.  Amazing component quality.

IRL: Got to play #Zooloretto Junior for the first time in a while. Then #Codenames: The Simpsons on Thanksgiving, although sadly on the non-Simpsons side. :). #Machi Koro  with the whole family - thank goodness for a big table! 3-player #Tokaido. And a couple games of #Hawken: Real-Time Card Game with my oldest son.

Online with the Allegany Boardgaming Society: More #Turn The Tide on Board Game Arena- I wish this wasn't so hard to find IRL. It was a Gamewright game, and those are usually pretty thick on the ground. Then some #Concept and #Codenames. The official site has been performing poorly for us the past couple fo weeks, so we used this one. Then we learned #Welcome to..., which didn't go great since no one had played before. :)

Digital solo: Installed the Keldon AI version of #Race for the Galaxy and played the hell out of it. Still getting smashed in most games, but for whatever reason I do a lot better with #Race for the Galaxy: Alien Artifacts. Played some solo #Welcome to... on Board Game Arena and now that I know how to play, I really like it!

Miniatures: Been doing a lot of work for #Frostgrave: Second Edition. Finished up a couple of easy terrain pieces from dollar store sand toys, started work on some industrial scatter, and finished a pile of minis with snow! Getting there...

Agree with Phil. We played #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar at game night last week (first time playing it for me) and Pendulum was certainly reminiscent of that, which we talked about a bit. 

While I've only played Pendulum the one time, the longer I go without playing it again, the less of a desire I have to do so. #Fuse is one of my favorite real-time games. Pendulum is...lighter fare. Which isn't always bad, but I think the timers are more of a gimmick than anything. 

It is a fine game, and I do want to play it again. But, there are plenty of better games out there I would rather play. Such a conundrum haha


Also, I think 10 Things I Hate About You is a fantastic movie, thank you very much! 😁

Thanks for this, I love real-time games (which surprised me at first, honestly) so I always have to take a look, but the game just hasn't captured me much. I'd play it if someone had it around, but I probably won't buy it.

This was the first Stonemaier game in a good bit that I didn't pre-purchase out of the gate.  I like the idea and the real-time concept seemed pretty good but I wasn't as into the game theme and it seemed somewhat pasted on (imo).  I would like to play someday but just wasn't sure about the mechanics.  I can see this idea being used in another game with a more streamlined theme down the road perhaps.  Thanks for the video!  Excellent as usual :) 

Thanks for the video! I appreciated getting your thoughts as well as Phil's. Do you guys think that if the real-time bit was implemented in a different game that you would enjoy it more? I do think that the real time worker placement is an cool concept, but the game outside of that doesn't seem too interesting to me, which it sounds like is how you guys feel about it.

I have really enjoyed a number of real time games, some of my favourites are:

#Magic Maze - So wonderfully tense, especially as you cannot talk, so if someone isn't doing what you want them to you are very aware of the time pressure (and get to use the giant red player marker to 'encourarge' them)

#Space Alert - Makes what action programming much less heavy puzzle and instead a manic, collaborative and hilarious mess. I especially like that after the timed bit you then play it out turn by turn and you get this slow reveal of all the mistakes you made collectively which is just hilarious.

#XCOM: The Board Game -  the app for this game is great, it constantly throws curve balls at you. At a slow pace (which we played for the first few games) it is fun but becomes so much more intense when you start adding the time limitations.

I love thinking things out in games (prone to a little AP) so real-time games really challenge me, in a positive way to make decisions on the fly/with my gut.

Yeah, we played #Pendulum last night and it was definitely a game designed to force people into decisions. And that's one thing I enjoy about real-time games, is that I don't have to worry about finding the "perfect" move; just making a move at all is a win haha

Uhh the only real-time games I've played are word-based games. And they're definitely not my favorites lol

I really don't have a favorite one for this category. But maybe #Pendulum will turn out to be the jewel among them?? (our copies arrived this week)

My wife and I tried playing through Overcooked on the Switch long long time ago. It was fun, and we played for 1-2 hours one night, and never went back in because we were getting stressed out xD