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Legacy of James Mathe in the Tabletop Game Industry [The Manhattan Project, Cosmic Kaboom, Dead Men Tell No Tales, Nitro Dice, The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire, Those Pesky Humans, Legitimacy]Like| 0 comments | [+]
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I really like this idea! I've purchased a lot of games recently thanks to my previous gift card win (and my general inability to say no to a good deal lol) and was actually struggling figuring out which were within the last 30 days. After further review, here is my list.


#Great Western Trail - GameNerdz had this as the Deal of the Day 2 ish weeks ago. Usually deals like this go very fast and I was actually shocked to see it still hanging around when I got out of work. Realized later it's because a second edition is coming and everyone's waiting for that. Having never played it, I don't really foresee myself caring that much about the upgrades/improvements so I went for it. Currently still on hold until we get some more space to store games.

#Dinosaur Tea Party - similar situation as above just 3 days ago lol. Heard about this on So Very Wrong About Games podcast a couple of times and it sounded fun enough to take a shot on it for $12 ish. 🤷🏻‍♂️


#Cooper Island - see below. Traded for this for a bunch of games through BoardGameCo.

#Monikers: The Shut Up & Sit Down Nonsense Box - finally picked this up along with#Monikers: More Monikers and#Monikers: Classics. This is one of our favorite games and we've been wanting the expansions forever. Found them on a pretty good deal from a random online game store and just went for it. So many new cards to play with!

#Everdell - not sure if this should count? I backed the Kickstarter. Really think Sarah and I will love this one.

Removed/thinking about removing

I'm just going to list these all together as I sent them out in the same trade with BoardGameCo. They were either not getting enough play or we have had just "okay" experiences with playing them. Most are fairly small and didn't take up a ton of space, but we need all the space we can get!#Linko#PUSH#Arkham Horror: The Card Game#Speculation#A Fake Artist Goes to New York#Mandala

#Res Arcana - I almost included this in the above trade but the value wasn't there to get something else I wanted back in addition to Cooper Island. I have this currently listed in the BGG March math trade. I think my play on BGA has pushed me over the edge towards trading this one.

Games on my radar

This section should say nothing because that's the Sarah appropriate response lol. I think honestly the only game I'm still debating getting is#Meeples & Monsters. At this point I'm leaning towards backing it.



Played a few games this week..

#Downforce - First time playing this one. Got in a game on BGA with , , , and . Bob of course won because he never loses. I tried to start a rematch at the request of , but it seems it has been abandoned? As far as my thoughts on this one, I enjoyed it quite a bit. I don't think I'd ever seek out a physical copy as it gives me a similar vibe to #Camel Up (Second Edition).

#Lions of Lydia - Finally the Kickstarter arrived! I may have totally forgotten why it was I wanted to back this game lol. After reading the rules, I taught it to Sarah quick one night. She seemed to have a great time with it which is always a plus with new games. There are loads of expansions that come with it that I'm looking forward to trying.

#Hadara - Played on Yucata with . I was trying to find another game on there that would have a low barrier to entry just to try something different. Sarah and I really enjoyed our real life play of Hadara, but the Yucata implementation seemed to be a big miss for me. It took awhile waiting for turns and I just didn't get any real sense of anything I was doing making any difference. Maybe would be down to try #Underwater Cities when my current 3 player game is over. Really curious to see how that goes at 4.

#Maskmen - I managed to trade away #Res Arcana in the BGG math trade and got #Carpe Diem in return. Really wanted to try Carpe Diem yesterday, but Sarah wasn't feeling up to trying out something new, so she suggested we play Maskmen as we haven't played it in awhile. Just a really enjoyable trick taking game that we definitely have to try to play with more people.

Oh boy... you've seen my posts before, so strap in and get ready...


#Arcadia Quest: Riders, #Arcadia Quest: Frost Dragon Expansion, #Arcadia Quest: Fire Dragon Expansion, Arcadia Quest Poison Dragon Expansion, #ArchRavels (KS delivery), #The Battle of Armageddon (KS delivery), #Detective: A Modern Crime Game (Ding & Dent sale), #Dominant Species: Marine (P500 preorder), #Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia, #Euphoria: Ignorance Is Bliss, #Excavation Earth, #Excavation Earth: Second Wave, #Faiyum, #The Great Race (KS delivery), #Marvel Champions: The Card Game - Scarlet Witch Hero Pack#Mini Express 🚂 A century of railroad expansion in 60 mins⏱️ (KS Delivery), #Overboss: A Boss Monster Adventure (KS delivery), #Pulsar 2849, #Rise of Tribes: Beasts & Bronze (KS dleivery all-in), #Ruins of Mars (KS Delivery), #Scythe: Modular Board, #Twilight Struggle, #Venice (KS dleivery), #Versailles 1919, #War of the Ring: Second Edition

That should be everything but I may have forgotten to put an aquisition date on something in my database so it didn't show up when I filtered. 

Thinking about Removing

#Transylvania: Curses & Traitors - Backed it on Kickstarter. Have never played it and haven't heard good things about it so I may just pass it on to Goodwill. Some kid who has never played anything but Mouse Trap or Monopoly may have their mind blown by it. 

#Zombicide - with the 2nd edition on its way, no need to keep this. Again, likely going to Goodwill to blow some kids mind. 

#Ghostbusters: The Board Game - Fell flat. Off to Goodwill.

#Bowling for Zombies!!! - Wanted to support a local company (Twilight Creations is in Cincinnati) but... eeeehhh...

#Battue: Storm of the Horse Lords - I bought it for $5 so my expectations weren't high. Off it goes.

#Traveller Customizable Card Game: Collector's Edition - Sounded neat... but card games are always more miss than hit with me. 

#Imperial Settlers - Totally meh. Will likely look to trade this in a math trade.

#The Island of El Dorado - Meh. Probably off to Goodwill.

#Hordes High Command - It's a card game. Blah. 

On My Radar

#Origins: First Builders and #Tabannusi: Builders of Ur are about the only non-KS games on my radar. I made a post a while back about my anticipated Kickstarters. (My Top 10 Anticipated Kickstarter Campaigns)


Never done this before but I though it'd be fun to share. Ooh it was a big month between a math trade completeing, a few kickstarters from last year, and games for the podcast I've added quite a few since the start of April.

#Ashes Reborn: Rise of the Phoenixborn Master Set. A excellent second edition from Plaidhat Games. The few games I've got in of this I've really enjoyed, I love how it shakes up the "standard" card battler practices. Quite looking forward to diving into it more.

#Cloudspire the kickstarter arrived with a few expansions too. This is one I've been really looking forward to but probably one I'm going to have to wait the longest for. From reading the manual it seems to be a really rules heavy game. It'll be hard to get it played but with Too Many Bones being such a hit, I'm looking forward to when it does hit the table.

#Star Wars: Rebellion played this a few times for the podcast, which you can check out here Meeple in a Gamestack - Podcast 34 Star Wars: Rebellion. Very glad I played this classic, it's quite the experience.

#Carcassonne got this in a math trade and I'm quite happy with it, turns out it's a classic for a reason. Simple tile-laying good fun.

#Adventure Games: The Dungeon I'm not huge on escape room type games but this looks interesting and it was a sweetener in the math trade so can't complain.

#Hey, That's My Fish! the second sweetener from the math trade and quite a pleasant surprise. A lovely little blocking game and good one to play at lunch with my fiance.

#The Stonebound Saga an interesting result of a math trade. It's still in shrink and I checked out the old kickstarter, it'll be interesting to check out an old kickstarted game way after the hype.

#Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition and #Railroad Ink Challenge: Lush Green Edition the kickstarter is here and in a refreshingly small box. Looks lovely and from the designers of #The King's Dilemma. It will be interesting to see how they've done a very different type of game.

#The Resistance: Avalon. One day I'll have a group to play this with haha. Until then I'll just have to look forward to it.

#The Initiative. May be covering this one on the podcast soon. So I can't say much yet.

#Sea of Legends. Another kickstarter is here. I can't wait to check it out and if it's good start painting those minis. I'm interested in how the story stuff with the app will play out.


#Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. The decision to sell this one was a bit heartbreaking but as much as I love the art and the story of the game I had to face the fact that I've collected it for years and have only played it 3 times. It's just a long complicated card game and I have so many other options that require less investment and get to the fun faster. So it's on ebay hopefully i can get something for it.

#Game of Thrones: The Board Game (First Edition). I found this one in a old cupboard and it's not really selling. I may end up donating it to a local boardgame cafe.

On my radar

Hoping to check out #Lost Ruins of Arnak sometime soon. With all the buzz about it for so long it's hard to ignor eit any longer.

and #The 7th Continent: Classic Edition. I missed the boat on this one so the classic edition looks like the perfect way to see what it was all about, probably going to be just a singleplayer game as a treat to myself.

Obligatory shameless selfpromoting podcast link The Meeple in a Gamestack Podcast

I like all your points and questions.  BGG has a series of options for defining weight:

  • How complex/thick is the rulebook?
  • How long does it take to play?
  • What proportion of time is spent thinking and planning instead of resolving actions?
  • How hard and long do you have to think to improve your chance of winning?
  • How little luck is in the game?
  • How much technical skill (math, reading ahead moves, etc) is necessary?
  • How long does it take to learn the rules?
  • How many times do you need to play before you feel like you "get" the game?

I don't think thickness of rulebook should matter but complexity should.  I would attach a 1-5 on rules complexity.  I don't believe length should matter.  Some easy games (like Monopoly) can take forever and don't have that much 'weight'.  I believe length of time is a separate deal.  Now action management is a big one.  I think this should count and there are a few factors.

1. How many actions can a player possibly do?  2. Are there bonus or executive actions?  3. How much does each action impact the game as a whole.  4. How much action recovery is available later?  By this, I mean how easy is it to recover from a poor action?  So a game like Chess would be a 5 here due to the weight of each move and thinking time.  On Mars likely gets a 5 here as well.

The time put toward thought about winning is tough because different folks would see this different ways.  If your whole goal is to win, sure, big number.  But for many, gaming is social and winning is secondary.  I would not count this myself toward weight.  The latter five points generally feed into the former points.  The one aspect of weight I might add is how long does the game take to set up?  Some lighter games ( such as #Everdell ) have a higher setup time that I think would add to the weight.  Not much, just a little.

In the end, I think the current 1-5 scale is workable.  Hard to mitigate the trolls.  Beeradvocate has the same issue with beer ratings and some folks who have no idea what they are doing rating too high and too low.  


1. Rules complexity (1-5)+

2. Turn management matrix (1-5)+

    a. Number of actions (1-5)+

    b. Impact of available actions (1-5)

    c. turn strategizing and analyzing (1-5)

3. Set up time (1-5)

I would average these numbers to some degree for an overall score.  So Candyland would be 1+1+1/3.  Boggle would be 1+2+1=1.3.  On Mars 4+5+5/3=4.6

That's my quick deduction on a Monday morning at least :)

I love that you open with "Firstly, many of us are nerds,and we like to quantify all sorts of things." That is a very legitamite point. I often whisper to myself about my love for math.

I never thought about it before but you are so right that having the impression your game is heavier than it actually is can be a point of pride for people. 

After reading this, I am not sure what to say about a system I prefer. I guess just one that is acurrate and yes, I would say the Board Game Atlas setup is the better setup!

Board game time travel, all of a sudden it's four rounds later and you have no idea what just happened.

The math in #Azul in between round melts my brain. Love the game but it gets exhausting.