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ReviewTwo Moms Game review Ginkgopolis [Ginkgopolis: The Experts, Ginkgopolis]Like| 5 comments | [+]
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  • #Rococo: Deluxe Edition with #Rococo: Jewelry Box Expansion 2x: So beautiful, and yes busy, but I think I prefer the new design quite a lot over the original. This a relaxing Euro gameplay-wise, though with a great deal of setup required just to play solo.
  • #Lisboa 2x: Brain melting. I haven’t played this in over a year so I had to relearn from scratch and it was … a lot. Got a lot wrong on the first runthrough. On the second, we nailed down a few gaps and hopefully I’ll remember for next time. OTOH, the feeling at the end of the second game was so satisfying. I love the richness of the board. I love the city building puzzle. I love the multi-use card action conundrum. I’ll have to replay this in the next couple of weeks so I don’t forget the rules again.
  • #Beyond the Sun 2x: Enjoyable with a lot of potential for future exploration. I can see that repeat plays will help with learning what all the available techs are, and which ones will benefit which strategy. Very much an “abundance” game in feeling, much like #Terraforming Mars.

The more I look at this game the more I think I should pick it up and sell my copy of #Cities: Skylines - The Board Game which really doesn't do it for me.

I love my city building games on PC so this one might just be worth a serious look to get some of that goodness in cardboard format.

Thanks for the review!

City building always grabs my attention but this seems too mean for my tastes as well.

If coop city building interests you, you could look at #Cities: Skylines - The Board Game

I would love to see a Mortal Engines based game, it was one of my favourite books as a kid, can really imagine some kind of city building player board and then a central map where you all drive around eating other cities (and maybe each other), collecting old-tech and trading

I’m a Realtor and have seen a number of fun games related to real estate in genera: 

... For Sale

... Unreal Estate 

... even a lot of city building which is tangentially related. Like between two cities. 

However, I have yet to play any of them! (I’ll take any suggestions)

Today's recap is Magnate. A game about being a ruthless property developer during a property boom. What makes this game different to most city building/capitalism games is that the bubble bursts and that the crash comes faster the greedier players are. 

this one is live on Kickstarter now, and i dont normally do KS games.