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Pet peeves in historically themed euro games. Like| 2 comments | [+]
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So two player games have mostly been played between me and my spouse, who tends to enjoy less number crunchy games. We've really enjoyed the following:

#Scrabble - recently got this at Christmas and it is so much fun, surprisingly tactical at two players. We've recently taken to picking a theme and you have to link the word to the theme in order to play it. We get fairly wacky with the justifications but that is half the fun.

#Targi - I was a little surprised with how much Maddy enjoyed this, although she is very sneaky and enjoys foiling my plans.

#13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis - one of my favourites, it has wonderful mechanics, enjoyable historical information and has a really fun balancing act and bluffing dynamic to it.

#The Fox in the Forest Duet is a really nice relaxing two player cooperative two player game, perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons but with enough tension to keep it interesting

Also, cannot heap enough praise on #War of the Ring: Second Edition, it is epic and thematic and strategic and just is so worth committing an afternoon/evening to.


I have no budget, but I try to really utilize sales. I feel like if I always are trying for historic lows it keeps me at a reasonable yearly total. I did have to cool it on the Kickstarter backing, that was hard to keep a lid on.

The main thing I want to see in a boardgame cafe is myself....LOL

Their are several things to keep in mind:

  • You need to make sure you have the population center needed to support such an enterprise. Then you need to make sure that the local population is open to that sort of gaming. If the local gaming scene is DnD and Fantasy dungeon crawl focused.... then that sort of cafe would possibly be quite good. If your local scene is more into 18xx and Vital Lacerda...... That strong a theme in a boardgame cafe may be an active discourgement.
  • The paperwork for selling food and drink can be a bear..... You have to make sure that you have those permits figured out ALL the way before you invest too heavily in infrastructure. You don't want to plan something and then figure out that that won't come up to code for what you want to do with food.....

Those things being said.... What would I want in such a cafe...... I would want something fairly neutral, in fact, I would want something pretty similar to a public library.  I would want something I could play a really dry Euro game in, or a thematic fantasy game, or a historical wargame, or...... whatever without feeling too out of place. I think I would also like to have the cafe maybe be a seperate from the gameplaying area..... But, that's just me.

I have recently gotten in to a historical game/wargame kick so there is no moritorium on buying games here.  (Although I do try to pace myself.)  

I recently played #Cuba Libre which someone in my gaming group owns and loved it so I grabbed #Andean Abyss which should be coming soon.  Looking forward to that!

I finished a 5 turn playthrough of #Pericles: The Peloponnesian Wars yesterday and I am really looking forward to playing it again.  What a great game!

I got in to the P500 for #China's War: 1937-41 which is another COIN game that has made their cut.  I am not sure how long P500's take so I will look forward to it later this year I am guessing? 

I also P500'ed for #Vijayanagara: The Deccan Empires of Medieval India, 1290-1398 which is a new style of game described as "Irregular Conflict".  It's a new style that sort of has COIN elements but allows for more breaking of the mold.  Also looking forward to this one!  It hasn't made the cut yet so who knows when it will come.

For the rest of the year I am looking forward to buying/trading/enjoying more games in this area of gaming.