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Call to Adventure Review - Where Will Your Adventure Take You? image
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Call to Adventure Review – Where Will Your Adventure Take You? image
ReviewCall to Adventure Review – Where Will Your Adventure Take You? ( [Call to Adventure]Like| 0 comments | [+]
Call to Adventure Card Game Overview image
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Roll for Adventure Review - KOSMOS | A Pawn's Perspective image
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Lots of Boardgamearena and online plays with my group this week:

  • #Sushi Go! (Boardgamearena): Had a game on Board Game Arena.  I don't really like it in the turn based format.  Game takes too long and it's hard to remember what other people are taking etc.  
  • #Cacao (Boardgamearena) (x3): This game is a good one to play turn based on BGA.  The board state is easy to pick up on and it was no issue running multiple games.  I managed to even win one and come in second a couple of times!
  • #Teotihuacan: City of Gods (Boardgamearena): I've been playing games and picking different strategies to try up front.  I came in second in this game (Again!) but added a new potential strategy to my repetoire.
  • #Russian Railroads (Boardgamearena) (x2): Another good one to play turn based on BGA.  Pick a strategy, make some notes and the board state is pretty easy to go from there.  Managed a win and a second place.
  • #Beyond the Sun (Boardgamearena): Went with a heavy ship strategy.  I did pretty well but not great.  But again I find it useful to sometimes force a strategy so I can explore the space for future "real" games.
  • #7 Wonders (x2) (Boardgamearena): I find this one is also a decent turn based game to play.  Again, trying different focuses to see how things work.  Also managed some second place finishes.
  • #Lost Ruins of Arnak  (x2) (Boardgamearena): I started one game without reading the rules.  I don't recommend it!  I do think this is a fun little game and I like the interaction between the two sides of the board.  
  • #Troyes (Boardgamearena): I've played this one before but ages ago.  I completely forgot how to play and didn't have time to re-read the rules so let's say I didn't do great.  I'm not sure if this game works super well on board game arena but I have another play going. :)
  • #Clank! In! Space! with #Clank! In! Space!: Apocalypse! (TTS): Played with my gaming group.  One of my favourite games.  However, I took a bit of a chance and then ended up running in to bad luck and my adventurer ended up dying on the ship.  :(  Still a very fun game! :)
  • #Zombie Fluxx (in person): Played a couple of games with the family.  Fluxx isn't my favourite game of all time but it's fun to play with the family.
  • #Cthulhu Fluxx Card Game (in person): See above
  • #Res Arcana (Boardgamearena): It's a decent game that works well on board game arena.  I would need to study up a bit more to do well though that's for sure.
  • #SpaceCorp (TTS): First time playing this multiplayer and I really enjoyed it!  It's a bit long to play all three phases but it was the first time playing multiplayer.  It's pretty abstracted on the science side but it tells an epic story through all three phases.  I hit the bad aliens in the third phase and it tanked my game.  I think I'd take that counter out for multiplayer but otherwise it was a smoothly playing game!
  • #Iwari (Boardgamearena): First time playing this game.  I like it!  It's definitely got some good spatial elements to it and playing it turn based on board game arena might not be the best way to play it.  Unless you really study the game state every time between turns but it has made me curious to perhaps pick it up physically!

Good week!

There are some good suggestions in this forum already.  While only the first two are strictly card games, I personally like #6 Nimmt!. #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (which I just acquired), #Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle (a deckbuilder-both of these last two are cooperative and don't require any real knowledge of the characters), #7 Wonders (there is also #7 Wonders Duel which I haven't played), #Century: Spice Road, #Disney: The Haunted Mansion - Call of the Spirits Game (really fun!), #Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive (great artwork and at the end of the game you tell a story about your character based on the cards you acquire), #Terraforming Mars (with Prelude expansion), #Ticket to Ride: Europe, #Wingspanand #Clank! In! Space!.

Have fun exploring new games!

I don't think #MicroMacro: Crime City is for me, but I'd be happy to give #The Adventures of Robin Hood a run. I'm itching to play #Lost Ruins of Arnak (which I've bought) and now I'll probably rethink giving #Paleo (which I most likely won't buy) a try if the chance arises.

Nice! I like to think of life as a timely adventure amid destructive dangers so I am all in.

Three years ago when my birthday was coming up, I told the family I wanted a new board game, and I was eyeing #Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure.  I really enjoy #Dominion and this seemed like a good twist on deckbuilding games. While at one of my FLGS with the family, I was looking at Clank! and #Clank! In! Space!. Someone playing a game at a nearby table came over and talked with me about both games and recommended Clank in Space, their preference of the two games (which they had played multiple times).  So that's what I asked for.

I really like Clank in Space.  The card references are hilarious, and it can be played differently based on those you play with (more on that later).  

I do own it, and started to use the Renegade app for solo play just recently after seeing 's comments on it a few months ago.  I do not have any of the expansions.

I have played it about half a dozen times with others, and about that many times solo (three times with the app).  That's actually decent play times in my house as my family isn't into games as much as I am and my semi-monthly game group plays lots of different games.

You can play this more cooperatively where everyone has a chance to get an artifact and get out, helping each other a bit by taking your time to 'leave the ship' until everyone is ready to escape.  You can also play more competively to get your artifact and get out.  This can really harm other's opportunity to escape, as every time someone who has escaped the ship has their turn come up, they take clank out of the bag and people can die really quickly. 

Best strategies: I don't have any solid ones yet, but I would suggest you get 'secrets' as often as possible and purchase your special tokens from the market as soon as possible.  After having played it solo with the app a few times and realizing that I'm moving through cards a lot faster (becuase at the end of each of your turns, the app has you discard one or two cards in the adventure row which leads to more clank draws), I'm beginning to reassess how many cards I purchase.

(This game can lead to analysis paralysis in certain types of players.)

Hahaha there are some gems here. Great list! Also

Last player to have watered a plant. #Arboretum

The sneakiest player gets to go first. #Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure

A good week:

  • Played #Friday twice after reading a review post here. Still didn't even come close.  The second game I decided to go fo most of the higher cards, intentionally losing to thin my deck of bad cards while in the first round.  It helped, but couldn't come close to beating the two pirate cards I drew.  Ended it up putting it in the donation pile.  (If someone want's to buy it from me for $5 +shipping in the US, let me know.)
  • #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale had four solo plays. I sure enjoy using the colored pencils I bought last month with it-makes it easier to see and things stand out more. My title ranged from Dimwitted Doodler (-14), to Amateur Assessor (-8), to Master Mapsmith (24 and 28). Looking forward to the expansion and new maps coming out this summer (which I preordered using my gift card win from here back in February).
  • Solo played #Clank! In! Space! twice using the app.  It sure moves you through the adventure deck!  I like the additional goals it gives you. Lost the first game while after grabbing my artifact, but won the second game with 143-my highest score ever.
  • #Terraforming Mars with Prelude for game night. This was my first time playing this with other people since I bought it last summer. Seven points seperated the first and third place players. Great game, lots of fun, lots of decisions. Can't wait to play it again (and do it in less than three hours, which I don't think is bad for a first time with two new players).

Thought provoking, and well written.  I'd be interested in reading a followup article on the art aspect you mentioned.

Thinking on the games in my collection and those I've played owned by others over this past year, I'd say I want my  thematically appropriate and functional, i.e. they are easy to understand, use, durable, and feel good.  

Componenet quality isn't of huge importance to me, as I find the quality of the games I have to be fairly similar, but it needs to be consistent.  I can't think of a game that I've played with poor quality components.  (Although I do have #Terraforming Mars, which people have pointed out the mashup of art styles in the cards, and  #Draftosaurus which I don't intend to buy the expansions becuase of the inconsistency of the components compared to the original that I've heard about.)

I like the cars in #Downforce, eggs and artwork in #Wingspan, runes in #Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive, the ghosts in #Disney: The Haunted Mansion - Call of the Spirits Game, the item tokens in #Lost Ruins of Arnak, and the miniatures in #Scythe.  I do not find any of these distracted from the game, but added a lot to the game play experience.

I can't think of a game I've played with poor components that caused me not to like the game.

I'd like to see #The Adventures of Robin Hood win so I voted for it, but I won't be at all surprised if #MicroMacro: Crime City actually wins.

Having not been familiar with #Zombie Teenz Evolution or #The Adventures of Robin Hood, I just watched part of the BGG GameNight! playthroughs they posted. I wouldn't be surprised to see #MicroMacro: Crime City win, but I could honestly see myself picking up and enjoying ZTE. That's getting my vote.

I haven't heard much about The Adventures of Robin Hood, Zombie Teenz is a follow up, and MicroMacro: Crime City is amazing (my choice)!

This was the first "real game" we played with my oldest. The one house rule we did was if you only have one animal left, you have to place it for the win. No handing it off to another player! :)


HABA makes a lot of great kids games, and they've recently started to branch out into more "gamer" games for the whole family - #Adventure Land is a good example. #Monza is another good one for litle kids, as well as #Mummy's Treasure / #Tiny Park.

Keep training that little gamer! :)

I love that there are more games coming out with the Dune license, but this may be the first of those that I don't insta-buy. I have little interest in cooperative games to begin with, and "story-driven adventure" is a phrase that turns me off a game even further. Still, I'm sure I'll be following this to see what people think about it.

The components look awesome - that map: 🔥

I'm such a big Dune fanboy that I might buy it eventually just to have it in my collection lol.

My buddy has this game and I'm excited to play it.  I will double down though on thematic intergration and probably be a little annoying... but... Aragorn and Bilbo going on an adventure together makes no sense within the world of Middle Earth and the History of Middle Earth and I think this could make me a little crazy.  

However, I may try to get over it if we end up playing it.

We like #Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure a lot but we think that even though games aren't on the short side of deck building games, players' decks grow so big that there is very limited space for cool interaction between cards. We love the humor, the setting, the dragon, the push-your-luck element, etc. But if we simply want to enjoy deck building, we play #The Quest for El Dorado