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I have had a very busy time of it since we last had one of these threads.  Hopefully I can remember correctly:


Great idea!  I wonder who came up with this one?

To comment on your post: #Civilization: A New Dawn is a great civ game but I highly recommend getting #Civilization: A New Dawn - Terra Incognita with it.  It makes the combat/military aspects much, much better and I like everything it adds to the game.

To facilitate this post I'd like to suggest that when we order a list by recently added that we should be able to see the date when it was added.  I am looking at my owned list but there is no actual date showing when games were added to it.

Now on to my list:

Er...I tend to do more retail therapy this time of year and I have a bit of extra money so...I went a little crazier than usual this year:


Obviously I love me some marvel champions.  I like deck construction in this game, I love Marvel, and I love having options.  However, I think after Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch I need to dig a line in the sand for new purchases for a while and absorb what I have!

My favourite game of the lot is Gaia Project followed closely by Dune Imperium.  For solo play Gaia Project also wins out slightly but Dune Imperium is a close second.  And in fact I'd say Dune Imperium is a smoother solo play but I like the crunchiness of Gaia Project more personally.

Removed/On the Block

All of the new stuff in and kickstarters coming up means the shelf has to get thinned.  A few games that I don't find grab me are on the outs.  I sold patchwork and railroad ink to someone in my gaming group and traded Trains for Res Arcana.  The other ones are posted up for sale.

Games on the Radar

I am thinking my next purchase might be one of the solo wargames from GMT.  I am not sure which one to get yet as I am relatively new to this field.  I have been looking at #Field of Fire, #Flying Colors, #Red Storm: Air War Over Central Germany, 1987, or in a different vein #Pericles: The Peloponnesian Wars.

A few games this week:

  • #Trains (Solo, Physical): Tried out a multiplayer variant I found online.  The variant was a good bit of fun but not comparable to multiplayer.  
  • #Spirit Island (Multiplayer, TTS): One of my favourite co-op games.  It seemed harder to play online than in person but we managed a reasonably solid win against the bare bones invaders.  
  • #Lords of Hellas (Multiplayer, TTS): First time playing this game.  Going in I wasn't sure if it would be a gimmicky game or a true dudes on a map game.  After the one play I definitely am leaning towards the latter.  It's a great dudes on a map game in the same vein as #Kemet, #Cyclades, #Blood Rage, #Inis etc.  I don't know if I can say that it matches up with those classics yet, more plays are required, but it definitely had elements I really enjoy from those type of games.  
  • #Inis (Multiplayer, TTS): I've played this one a few times before but it's been a while.  The different ways to win really make the game and I had to relearn some lessons I learned the last time we played it.  Great game and a good follow up to Lords of Hellas for a dudes on a map evening.

#Trains is such a great game. The spatial element with the map doesn't do a huge amount to excite but, but there's something about the deckbuilding that's just exhilarating to me. 

I tend to like deck builders with a map or some other element they interact with.  Trains does have something to the deck building side that seems extra interesting though doesn't it?  I can't quite put my finger on it.

I keep on thinking about picking up #Trains. I hear that it is basically #Dominion with a board, and I love Dominion.


I'd delete #Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle (the board is really just an organizer for card stacks). Then we get into a gray area...

Things like #Mage Knight, #Concordia, #Time of Crisis: The Roman Empire in Turmoil, 235-284 AD, and #Great Western Trail are great games, but they feel like "games with deckbuilding" rather than deckbuilding games.

#Trains, #A Few Acres of Snow, #Undaunted: Normandy, and #Lost Ruins of Arnak fall on the "deckbuilders, but with a board" side of the line.

Have you played any cube rails games? I find they give me a lot of what I like in an 18xx game, but with no tile set frustration and in much less time. My family would never sit down to play an 18xx - but they will play #Chicago Express.

Your review of #Stephenson's Rocket makes me think I need to try that one, too. Trains AND Knizia! :)

These are the #Irish Gauge trains in the front and the #Chicago Express ones in the back.

Trains? Non-combative? I know this is playing to type here based on a lot of my other comments on here, but may I suggest #Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition. Or Blazing Red, they're both great. Not overly complex games but do leave you pondering over your choices. Doesn't have any player interaction because everyone has their own board, but even works from the same dice so you're just as invested whenever someone else is rolling the dice. 

Also wanna put another vote in for #Russian Railroads. Absolute cracker of a game.

I taught an older game that I really enjoy called Spike from R&R Games. It's sort of a Ticket To Ride 2.0 game -- a little more of a deeper dive into somewhat similar mechanics --  having to collect cards, and deliver goods, and upgrade your trains, and think about end game goals, and keep an eye on the ever changing prices of the commodities is a lot for a new gamer, but the game is a lot simpler than that.  It plays quickly and looks cool on the table with all of the plastic trains (although I taught it on Tabletop Simulator). 

I love the deck-building mechanic; I'm more inclined to buy, or at least invistigate a game more if I know if has the deck-building mechanic in it.  Although Magic the Gathering is NOT a deck-builder, one of the things I liked about it when I played heavily was building decks--in 'prime', I had 30 playing decks.
A classic, and the one of the first (or at least the first to popularize deck-building) is Dominion.  Some others to check out though (for those who don't already know):
Trains - very similar to Dominion in play, but includes a board and abstract track laying.
Clank! (and Clank! in Space):  good theme'd deckbuilders that include a board and a slight push-your-luck aspect (aside fom the inherent push-your-luck aspect in most deck-building mechanics)
Flip City:  not one most think of when it comes to deckbuliding, but a very light deckbuilder with the added feature of the cards being double-sided.
Star Realms and Hero Realms:  A couple of more themed deck-builders, but deal with attacking the other players (tho both have co-op variants).
Mystic Vale: while not technically a deck-builder in that you're not adding cards to your deck, instead you are upgrading your cards, so you are 'building up your deck'.
Pathogenesis:  a virus/germ themed deck-builder that uses real scientific terms. Has a 'teacher' version available.
Valley of the Kings:  Egyptian-themed deck-builder that has a unique trait of you having to remove cards from your deck to be able to score them.

There are also a few 'deck-building systems' that each have various licensed themes around them:
Legendary: has Marvel, Alien, Predator, and some others.  Honestly, not my favorite--the setup time is just horendous, especially with their 'box insert'.
Cryptozoic's system, most famous for the DC (as in comic books) Deck Builder, but also have a few other licenses like 'Attack on Titan' and 'Rick and Morty'.  I prefer this system over Legendary.

I have no preference of 'pure' over 'unpure.'

I've been kind of thinking about re-acquiring Mage Knight (but this time the ultimate edition); while much more than a pure deck-builder; it does have the deck-builder mechanic in it...though not very strong.