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Good Dog, Bad Zombie Review - Who's a Good Game? image
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Tiny Epic Zombies Review image
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Tiny Epic Zombies Game Overview image
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Oh boy... you've seen my posts before, so strap in and get ready...


#Arcadia Quest: Riders, #Arcadia Quest: Frost Dragon Expansion, #Arcadia Quest: Fire Dragon Expansion, Arcadia Quest Poison Dragon Expansion, #ArchRavels (KS delivery), #The Battle of Armageddon (KS delivery), #Detective: A Modern Crime Game (Ding & Dent sale), #Dominant Species: Marine (P500 preorder), #Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia, #Euphoria: Ignorance Is Bliss, #Excavation Earth, #Excavation Earth: Second Wave, #Faiyum, #The Great Race (KS delivery), #Marvel Champions: The Card Game - Scarlet Witch Hero Pack#Mini Express 🚂 A century of railroad expansion in 60 mins⏱️ (KS Delivery), #Overboss: A Boss Monster Adventure (KS delivery), #Pulsar 2849, #Rise of Tribes: Beasts & Bronze (KS dleivery all-in), #Ruins of Mars (KS Delivery), #Scythe: Modular Board, #Twilight Struggle, #Venice (KS dleivery), #Versailles 1919, #War of the Ring: Second Edition

That should be everything but I may have forgotten to put an aquisition date on something in my database so it didn't show up when I filtered. 

Thinking about Removing

#Transylvania: Curses & Traitors - Backed it on Kickstarter. Have never played it and haven't heard good things about it so I may just pass it on to Goodwill. Some kid who has never played anything but Mouse Trap or Monopoly may have their mind blown by it. 

#Zombicide - with the 2nd edition on its way, no need to keep this. Again, likely going to Goodwill to blow some kids mind. 

#Ghostbusters: The Board Game - Fell flat. Off to Goodwill.

#Bowling for Zombies!!! - Wanted to support a local company (Twilight Creations is in Cincinnati) but... eeeehhh...

#Battue: Storm of the Horse Lords - I bought it for $5 so my expectations weren't high. Off it goes.

#Traveller Customizable Card Game: Collector's Edition - Sounded neat... but card games are always more miss than hit with me. 

#Imperial Settlers - Totally meh. Will likely look to trade this in a math trade.

#The Island of El Dorado - Meh. Probably off to Goodwill.

#Hordes High Command - It's a card game. Blah. 

On My Radar

#Origins: First Builders and #Tabannusi: Builders of Ur are about the only non-KS games on my radar. I made a post a while back about my anticipated Kickstarters. (My Top 10 Anticipated Kickstarter Campaigns)

Yes!!!! on #Root: The Marauder Expansion.

Martin here from Wellington in New Zealand (although I’m originally from Aussie).  Thanks very much for the nice welcome.

As regards the 3 questions

  1. Like at least one other new member, I saw Board Game Atlas mentioned in a thread on BGG, in the debate about the new homepage, For me this was just another annoying development with BGG, so I also took a look at BGA, and thought, yeah I’ll give it a go!
  2. I’ve been boardgaming for more than 4 decades. Have more than 1800 games (and am still married somehow).  I’m a gamer rather than a collector – according to me, anyway – but have still to get around to playing heaps of them.  But I’ve just retired (although COVID is making this the worst possible time to do so), and retirement seems ideal for boardgame playing!
  3. Favourite games?  Question is too hard!  But one thing is for sure - I play for FUN!  I still love ‘Space Crusade’. Love playing ‘Zombies vs Cheerleaders’ (who knew playing cheerleaders could be so tense?).  And maybe ‘Arkham Horror’.

I’m also looking forward to seeing the ‘vibe’ on BGA, and contributing to the community.  [If you’re in New Zealand too, get in touch!][  Thanks again.

  • Spiel des jahres feels like it is geting too "commercial" every year
  • Point salad games only give you an idea you've how well you are doing at the end of the game
  • "Social deduction game" is synonym to "part game" in my head
  • I'm so fed up with Lovecraftian stuff and zombies.
  • Kickstarter is about mini's

I will say that I don't have many games that fit into this category because I try to be very very intentional with my purchases.  Having said that, I also have a busy life and only average 1 - 2 game nights a month so my games don't get out as much as I'd like...

But... I have one game that I own that I don't anticipate every really hitting the table again. #Pandemic: Iberia.  When I first got into board games I played the original #Pandemic and found it to be pretty interesting, so I grabbed Iberia. 

However, as I found more games that fit my style of play I found that coops were not a style of game I had any interest in.  I can't imagine that game making it out again because of that.

#Tiny Epic Zombies is close to being a game that wouldn't get out for the same reason, it's primarily coop although there is a competitive mode I need to try out.

The second edition of #Carnival Zombie. It's a tower defense-ish game where you go explore around a sinking city and defend against waves of zombies and creepy bosses with flamethrowers and machine guns, and there's Davinci inventions you can use like a revolving cannon tank. Looks like it'll be my favorite game if I get my hands on it. I don't want to risk losing my money so I haven't backed it on Kickstarter, but I really want the Kickstarter exclusives so I'm going to try to back it as late as I can.

I have some....

There are themes that turn me off. I really don't like my themes to be too dark, too graphic, too demonic. I think that the gameplay of #Kingdom Death: Monster looks absolutely wonderful, especially as a solo gamer. But, I will never own this game, I wouldn't even accept a copy if you gave one to me. I don't want that art in my house where my children can see, it, and the art is hard to seperate from the game. If you could retheme that to be less graphic, maybe less dark, I would start saving up for it even if it was still $400.

I am still ok buying coop games for me to play solo. I am even ok with playing coops with "non-gamers." But, I am so over coops for multiplayer games in the hobby. I have no desire to ever play another coop with a gamer. I will not buy a coop that I can't play solo. So, non-soloable coops are a big turn off.



Beat your own score solo variants.

Real time games

Fantasy. There is a wonderful fantasy IP out there. It is called LOTR. I will buy games in that universe. I might even buy games in other universes. But, I am biased against them.



These are turn offs. It does not mean that I will never buy a game with one or some of these elements. After all, I just acquired #The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth. This is a game with app integration. But, it is something that automatically makes me much less interested, and it has a much higher barrier of entry for me to get it.

Hi again,

1. After some consideration I've come up with some good games that i would get if i were to start all over again (I have a dream):

#Star Realms (portable and fun, lots of expansions)

#Santorini (a much better than chess)

#Sushi Go Party! (Easy to pickup and good fun)

#Terraforming Mars (so good, the game that got me started)

#Burgle Bros. (I'm always game for a good co-op game) (Hopefully I'll get my kickstarter copy  #Burgle Bros 2: The Casino Capers)

#Forbidden Desert (what can i say, I really like co-op)

#Love Letter or#Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter Game (a Pint and love letter at the pub)

#Clank! In! Space! (Deck-building fun)

#The Taverns of Tiefenthal (was considering#The Quacks of Quedlinburg but i enjoy this even more )

#The 7th Continent (mystery and survival at its best) (Looking forward to#The 7th Citadel)

#Imhotep (simple, complex, fun and frustrating at the same time)

#Tiny Epic Galaxies,#Tiny Epic Zombies, #Tiny Epic Mechs,#Tiny Epic Quest, #Tiny Epic Defenders (Second Edition),#Tiny Epic Tactics,#Tiny Epic Kingdoms,#Tiny Epic Pirates, #Tiny Epic Dinosaurs #Tiny Epic Western (so small and with surprisingly much content and depth) (they are so small that my wife wouldn't even think that may gaming collection/addiction would be a problem)

Well folks that's the games i would get for my $200 (they were all on super mega sale of the century of course otherwise I wouldn't be able to get em all 😂).

2. And as for that hard to get game: #Shadows Over Camelot (co-op, hidden identity)


Hi guys!  Here are some custom Crisis cards you can print out to add a bit of variety to your games of Dead of Winter.  All of them are very thematic, and they take the Crisis mechanic a little off the beaten path — which is refreshing!  PS: these cards are also compatible with DoW: The Long Night).

In this one:  Motel Hell  ✚  Humans Eating Zombies For a Change!

My friend introduced me to both Betrayal and Villianous and though I enjoyed both, I think I prefer Villianous. Especially with the add ons/expansions there are so many different characters and combinations to try. As pointed out #Horrified came to mind when I read the title of the post. I've never played but it's halloween themed for sure. I'd also suggest any Werewolf game, #Welcome To...: Halloween Thematic Neighborhood, and pretty much any game with zombies lol

Lovecraftian stuff, zombies, manga & japanese anime

Themes I avoid:

  • Horror/featuring demons
  • Crude humor

Themes I don't particularly gravitate toward

  • Zombies - Depends on how it's done
  • Asian - I'm Asian! And that could be the reason why, but most games' shallow Asian themes give me zero interest

yea zombies are low on my list.  Along with that are historical games...I just don't wanna play as the Nazis or something like that it gives me the heeby-jeebies.  I also am usually not down for games with over sexualized art.

Haha, I was going to say zombies as well.

Generic fantasy also does nothing for me, but I won't actively avoid it. I don't mind the theme, just an not drawn to it.

I'd say that so far I've been pretty resistant to Lovecraft-iverse games, considering how many there are and how popular some of them are. I don't know what about the theme is unappealing to me, but I am just not interested once it's on a game.