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Game DesignTo Miniature or Not to Miniature Like| 9 comments | [+]
Kickstarter Ending (3/13 - 3/20) [La Résistance! an exciting dice and card game., DM Yourself, Evergarde, Future 3.0 (3D models of spaceships and cars of the future), The Matchbox Coll...]Like| 0 comments | [+]
Kickstarter Ending (11/29 - 12/6) [DOCE™ CLASSIC - Gaming on a whole new level™, Mafia: Crime Scene, Indie 5E Adventure Needs Epic Boss Miniature Sculpted!, Gorgasali Battle Royale, Bal...]Like| 1 comment | [+]
Kickstarter Ending (5/15 - 5/22) [Twist - A flexible card game for everyone (even babies), Majority Roasts, Chronicles of Marlis, THREE TRIALS OF FAITH: A Tabletop Boardgame, GOVERNANC...]Like| 0 comments | [+]
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Little slow this week... Played a game of #Adventure Land with the wife and my youngest on Tuesday. Fun game - wish the expansion was available! Then #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) with the boys last night. I won on the second failed dominance check... Can't let someone hog those purple cards! :)

Good night with the Allegany Boardgaming Society! #Paris Connection just came out on Board Game Arena, so I learned that in preparation and we played a couple of games. I love cube rails! Then our usual round of #Codenames before another new to BGA game - #No Thanks!. We love these mean little fillers. :) Then we rounded off the night, as we often do, with a couple games of #Flaming Pyramids.

For the second weekend in a row, I actually played some #Frostgrave: Second Edition! I've been reading and building and painting so long that this feels like a real accomplishment! :D

We played the "Living Museum" scenario, and my son definitely came out on top. The statues guarding the treasure made the middle of the board a slaughterhouse, so he used Telekinesis to pull treasures out of there. My archers whiffed on some big rolls, and my spellcasters didn't accomplish much either. The boy came away with four treasures to my one.

Can't wait to play some more! Next order of business is a playmat, so that our dude aren't running across our kitchen table. :)

Ooh, nice terrain!  I love painting miniatures as well and I have done some terrain but not anything to put down on a table.  I like it!

How is adventure land?  My local board game store (when I was at the office) had two or three copies that sat there for years.  They were selling them half price and they never moved.  Is it better than what my gut was telling me about it?

I got way too much stuff. A lot of it Kickstarter deliveries, as a lot of stuff got backloaded between last month and this month because of *waves hands* all of this going on. Not as many retail purchases this month. Unless you count all the Warhammer 40K stuff I have bought... *whistles* Anyway...

  1. #Alice is Missing: A Silent Role Playing Game - Backed on KS. Sounded like a fun game I could use to introduce non-RPG people to them. 
  2. #Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps - I played this at Origins 2019 and instantly loved it. (the GF9 guy running said we were the first table to get everyone out alive) I have been waiting forever it feels like for this to come out.
  3. #B-29 Superfortress - A secret santa gift. I have a deep love of solo aviation war games ever since I bought B-17 Queen of the Skies on a whim as a kid. This and #Target for Today: Bombers over the Reich, 1942-1945 keep that game's tradition alive in an updated format. 
  4. #Black Rose Wars: Sator Box - Bought it off someone who backed the Kickstarter. As muh as I back on Kickstarter, I somehow missed the BRW campaign and have been gettng all its stuff piecemeal. 
  5. #Dark Rituals: Malleus Maleficarum - Backed on KS. See my Warhammer comment above? Mounds of miniatures get me all hot and bothered.
  6. #Dawn of the Zeds (Third Edition) - Always on the lookout for good solo experiences. 
  7. #Dice Hospital: Community Care - Backed on KS. Have Dice Hospital. Haven't played it yet, but I love Dice based games (drafting, placement, etc.) so I went ahead and backed the expansion.
  8. #Dune: Imperium - I'm not even a big Dune fan, but this looked fun.
  9. #Dwellings of Eldervale - Backed on KS. How could I pass up such a gorgeous production? The aesthetics just add to the fact that it's a great game.
  10. #Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy - I needed a big 4x game. I got a big 4x game. And it's gorgeous. I wanted to back this on KS, but didn't have the money at the time. Fortunately I found out that Lautepelit was selling extra US stock through their website and picked it all up.
  11. #HEXplore It: The Sands of Shurax - Backed on KS. I love adventure/exploration games with story. 
  12. #Hornet Leader: The Cthulhu Conflict - Black Friday sale. I love the leader series and the price was right no get this cheeky expansion.
  13. #Picket Duty: Kamikaze Attacks against U.S. Destroyers – Okinawa, 1945 - More solo war game goodness.
  14. #Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island - Treasure Chest - See the comment on 13 above. ;)
  15. #Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef - Angler's Cove - When I late backed Tidal Blades, apparently I didn't add on the expansion. No idea why. I rectified that on Black Friday.
  16. #Tumble Town: the Dice Stacking Spatial Puzzle Game - Backed on KS. More dice game goodness. I think I can get the family to play this.
  17. #Tungaru - Backed on KS. All the playthroughs I saw during the KS looked like fun. 
  18. #Unmatched: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Unmatched never really interested me all that much, except for the Bruce Lee expansion. Why get that when the rest didn't interest me? This set got me interested. And of course now they announced forthcoming sets with Marvel characters, so of course I will have to get those. 
  19. #Waste Knights: Second Edition - Late backed. Never even knew about the campaign until I started maintaining a Late Pledge list over on Board Game Geek. It's the kind of game that's right up my alley.
  20. #Trick Shot - Backed on KS. I looooove hockey. Just received it today, actually. 
  21. #It's A Wonderful World: Corruption & Ascension - Backed on KS. Just arrived today. 

The irony in making this list now is I expect to receive the #Anachrony: Infinity Box on Wednesday from the last KS. I got it through The Game Steward. So 22 new things this month. Whew.

I'm always down for more Lacerda games. I own them all except for CO2. That one holds zero interest to me. I otherwise don't know enough about what may be coming later in the year to really know what I'm anticipating see pop up on KS, although anythign Mindclash will probably get an insta-back. I think my MOST anticipated stuff is everything else that hasn't shipped yet for #Kingdom Death: Monster. Other than that, in no particular order, I'm really anticipating the following KS deliveries:

  1. #Wonderland's War
  2. #Middara
  3. #Sleeping Gods
  4. #Merchants Cove
  5. #Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game
  6. #Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood
  7. #Foundations of Rome
  8. #Steamwatchers

Outside of the KS realm, I have several P500 and Legion CPOs that I am looking forward to. #Heart of Darkness should be out about mid-year from Legion, and #Storm Above the Reich should be out about the same time from GMT along with #Commands & Colors: Samurai Battles. That will be my first block wargame so I'm looking forward to that. 

1) A few years ago now I saw some old work mates of mine were having a board game night.  I honestly had lost touch of my friends and had a lot of trouble making new ones with the busy-ness of raising kids and working hard at a new career.  

So I just asked them if I could join them for an evening.  I think our first game was #Power Grid and I loved it!  Haven't looked back since.

2) It depends what you mean by gone too far.  If you mean, I'm fully immersed in the hobby and won't be quitting it then yeah for sure.  It's a great hobby with a social, tactile, and mental element to it that I enjoy.  I'm definitely only buying games with a solo mode right now but my group has so much to play it's not even funny.  I think we could take a week off and do nothing but play games and still not get caught up.  

For my collection I have a closet full of shelves and as long as everything fits in there, along with my RPG's and miniatures, then I am completely happy to collect away! :)

Personally I think miniatures are ALWAYS better. ;)

That said, the minis have their sight cones as part of the figure. Would be dificult to do that as a meeple or standee. Not saying they couldn't find a way around it, but it definitely makes it easier visually.


Good week for gaming with the family! We played #Small World, #Caravan, #Watergate, #Jaws, and #A Few Acres of Snow. Some of those were inspired by playing on Board Game Arena, as you'll see...

Good night with the Allegany Boardgaming Society! Two of us were early, so I taught #Watergate (currently in alpha testing). Then with the rest of the group, #Welcome to..., #P.I., #Paris Connection, and #No Thanks!.

Learned a few games on my own as well: #Caravan, which is a fun pick-up-and-deliver, and #Martian Dice Game - a push-your-luck game in the same vein as #Zombie Dice.

And struck up a game of #A Few Acres of Snow with on Yucata - which led to teaching it to my son on there and then playing the cardboard version with my wife. Love this game!

On the #Magic: The Gathering front, the new set (Kaldheim) came out. I'd been saving up gold for a while, so was able to do a bunch of drafts. I like the set so far - nothing seems incredibly broken and the theme (Norse mythology) is cool.

No games of #Frostgrave: Second Edition this week - my wife took the kids snowtubing. :) But I'm still cranking out minis! Painted up a couple of thieves, an archer, a crossbowman, and a whole troupe of Reaper yetis that will be used as white gorillas!

I have a pretty set philosophy for this now:

  • if the character is a special/named character that has some personality then a mini is great. It helps the character stand out and gives personality to them.
  • if the character is a no name grunt or is not intended to have personality then standee or meeple is enough.  Even a counter might be fine. 

I make exceptions for dudes on a map games mostly because it is pretty neat to have the miniatures marching around the map but even then it is often fine if the regular grunts are cardboard tokens or standees. 

I do paint miniatures but again I would really rather not paint the same grunt 10 times if I can avoid it.  

Certain games work better with minis, but in general, I definitely prefer meeples. Price is a huge factor, but I also prefer how meeples feel to hold. Meeples tend to be easier to store, as well. I guess if I was into the adjacent hobby of miniature painting, I'd prefer minis.

Here are the games I have that use minis and my opinion on each of those:

  • #Western Legends - I think the minis work in this game. It helps give each player a different look, and since the game is a sandbox style game where you're making a name for yourself, it works better with the theme.
  • #Inis - could be meeples. I don't think the minis are necessary. It could even be cubes or other tokens. I may be in the minority with this game, since it's such a beautiful production overall, but literally all you do with the minis is move them back and forth through territories. I guess they do probably look better on the table than meeples would, considering the rest of the art choices in the game.
  • #Horrified - there are minis in this game for the monsters only. The player characters and other NPCs are cardboard standees. The monster minis absolutely elevate this game, and I'm glad they're included.
  • #Santorini - this isn't really a mini-heavy game - it's an abstract game, but it uses miniatures as the player pieces (2 each). They definitely do not need to be minis, but since there are only a few of them in the box and they're easy to hold (not pointy or flimsy), it doesn't really bother me.

I have a closet with three shelves in it. My board games, rpg books, and miniatures need to fit in there per my own rules. I did some shelf consolidation earlier in the year but once the lates Christmas items are shelved and some kickstarters come in I will be doing one in/one out again.