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Just curious, which games were they? And while I know the common practice is for the publishers to deal with it, it sure seems hard on the smaller folks. I've heard about how sending a replacement for a small token can sometimes be more expensive than sending an entirely new copy of a game (I believe it was North Star Games that was having trouble with their finances), and boy that sounds tough (I say this, but I also request for a replacement when needed). Either way, while I definitely don't have the knowledge to comment on that policy, Asmodee's clear lack of care definitely makes me want to avoid them if possible.

Most of my random purchases come from walking into Half Price Books and seeing what games they have at a reasonable price. This year I've ended up with the following from there:

  1. #Tales & Games: The Hare and the Tortoise
  2. #Alhambra
  3. #Megaland
  4. #Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game w/ Broken Tokens insert included all for less than retail ;)  My find of the year.

My yearly gaming budget tends to be dependant on how well I do in Vegas in March for my annual March Madness trip.  Most of my games come from that checking account vs the house account.  Helps to keep the wife happy when I come home with new stuff and it doesn't impact the family finances.

Welcome Max, best wishes on your endeavors. 

As for you first question, I can't give any hard data like you want. I would suggest that you look up the finances of gaming as suggested by @Courageous Bob. That should give you some indication. I don't know if there is a way to do this, but tracking account numbers on BGG could also give you interesting insights. 

To answer your second question, I have to throw some stuff at the wall and see what sticks. I believe that many people are becoming increasingly dissatisfied in the lack of physicality in their lives. Relationships, play, work, and etc..... are being increasingly and systematically divested of the physical and moved to the virtual space. But, I believe that, as humans, we desire a certain physicality in our lives, and, board games help fill that role. For many, boardgames have become the modern campfire around which a group of friends gather to boast, joke, party, and recount the days happenings. Of course there are many brilliant game innovations that have come around in the last 25 years, but I think that, in a weird way, the rise of the internet is partially responsible for the desire of adults to play board games. But I also believe that the we are currently living in a boardgame bubble. I believe that the current market cannot and will not sustain itself. I believe that there will be a contraction in the sheer volume of games produced as well as the companies that produce them. I don't really expect that gaming will die, or become unpopular, it could even get stronger. But, the time is coming when chaff will be separated from the wheat, and companies won't be able to afford to release sloppily designed games. I attribute this gloom and doom forecast to two things..... 

  1. There seems to be a growing groundswell of gamers who are actively curating their collections. They heavily limit their purchases, or they have a one in one or policy, or....this flies in the face of what had been happening with increasing frequency, where gamers were giving in to Fomo, or buying shiny Kickstarters just because the minis looked good, or..... 
  2. I believe that there will be a second wave of Covid, I believe that there will be more people furloughed or layed off, I believe that the mental health of many nations will suffer, those inclined to depression will be depressed, even those inclined to a general malaise will be thusly affected. Discouraged or depressed people generally often feel like playing. And, I believe that the long term impact on the game market will be noticeable. 

Congrats if you managed to read my rambling too the end. I feel like you should get a prize of some kind. Also, I hope I'm wrong about the negative parts of my view of the future. 


 Depending on finances really.

I mean having the money for shipping but not the game. Use.

P500 or pre-order or similar redlining and game budget is overspent, Use.

Hold service at Miniature Market or Kastle Games needs one more game for free shipping. Use.

Or, as the start of a multi-purchase hold pile towards free shipping. Use.

...and yes,  towards something nasty expensive or rare from Noble Knight games. Use.

...but don't forget the deluxe upgrades I can never afford from Top Shelf Games or Meeple Source or paints to experiment ruining miniatures with!. Use under intoxication.

 I hope that is helpful.


That does sound stressful, and I hope you're doing better. There's been a lot of reflecting going on in my family as well, because if my parents hadn't moved to our place last July, there would've been many things that would keep us awake at night right now. And us having moved to a bigger place has been nothing but good for our 18 month old son. Finances are still tough, but it's great that we're all together in these times.

Here are some great games that I hope works for you:

#PARKS - Lighter game with a worker placement feel. If you've played #Tokaido, it's basically a more complex version of it. Turn on some nature sounds and it feels like you're on a hike and picking up some gorgeous looking national parks cards along the way.

#Tiny Towns - Super simple turns where in each turn, a player will call out a color and everyone places that colored cube on their 4x4 grid town. The purpose of placing these cubes is for you to try and form a tetris piece-like pattern that you can combine at any moment into a single structure. These structures will score you points at the end of the game but can also provide some neat effects. It also clears up your real estate to place more cubes. There's a slight elimination feel to it though, because a person who can't manage their space well will end up needing to sit it out until everyone's done filling up their board. Still a great simple thinky game.

#Welcome to... - My favorite "roll n write". Players are architects assigned with the task of coming up with the best housing plan that comprises of three rows of housing units. Of all games I've played to date, this is the best combination of fun, tranquility, and meaningful strategy.