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Fellow Gamer Rob Searing from the Dice Tower is going through a hard time and has reached out to the board gaming community for help. He's gone through some unfortunate events with medical bills and losing his job recently. He's asking for support to help him and his family (wife + 9 kids) financially and he's got a GoFundMe as well as a sale on his custom inserts from the company that he created. After thinking how we can support him we decided to run a "Pay What You Want" Sale for some of the extra inventory from a game I designed, #Last Stand, and will be donating all the revenue (not including the shipping) to Rob to help support. Pay What You Want: About Rob Searing:

Being in the health care field, a game which has this kind of theme definitely has it's appeal. I'll have to check your video out later when I have some time. Have you played any other medical field related games? I've been looking at#Healthy Heart Hospital but it's unavailable everywhere lol

Early August - Win!  By the skin of our teeth...

Setup -

So yes, turns out picking 3 on that previous question with redacted info was a bad idea.  We got the restriction card that says you now need to discard allied cards when using them for flights.   

Distrupt trial objective - we got 3 soviet cities and one allied city 

New aliases! - We decided to stick with specialization instead of diversifying.  So we'll see if that works out for us in the long run.  We gave "Assistant to Politbureau Minister" to our "scientist" (I can't get away from thinking about them in the original Pandemic 1's terminology).  He has "Aluminum Salesperson" and "Hospital Administrator".  He's basically our card getter and team maker.  Our "dispatcher"/"Medical Conference Coordinator" has "Plastics Technician" and "Collective Manager".  Basically this guy never leaves Washington and gains extra actions through "Plastics Technician" to use later when we really need to move people.  No real purpose for "Collective Manager" it was just the last one left.  Our "medic"/"Clinic Planner" has "Cargo Pilot" and "Street Cleaner".  She's actually a combo medic and operations expert since she also has all the safehouse building abilities. Our "reasearcher"/"Research Assistant" (me) has "Electrician" (an ability I have never used) and "Red Army Doctor".  My first priority was to feed cards to our scientist but now I'm the disease cube remover as I usually have plenty of hand space for symptom cards.   

Game -

So our thought process for this game was that we were going to ignore the "infiltrating Sabik's hideout" objective.  We tried to do that last time and it took way too much time and screwed us over.  So we thought just focus on the other 2 and try not to get any more diseased cities.  Our initial card draw kind of screwed us over though.  We each got one allied card and one neutral card when we needed to create so many soviet teams this definitely slowed things down.   

The beginning of the game went according to plan.  We got an allied team out really early and eventually managed to get out another soviet team but we just weren't getting the soviet cards.  We were doing really well with board management, keeping the agents down through our newfound abilities.  (Side note: its a bit worrying to us that they've made it so much easier to get rid of agents.  We feel like that means things are going to get much harder and we're definitely going to need it in coming games.)  We collectively swapped aliases more in this game than any other before.  Usually our dispatcher is the only one that rotates a lot but this time we all used at least 2 of them.  Then we had one turn where we got an incident in Osaka and SF.  Not too devastating.  But the next escalation we had a perfect storm of cards drawn where we had cascading incidents in Osaka and SF.  They each eneded up with 3 incident tokens.  Since we only had one left we figured we needed to try to at least do the Disrupt Trial Objective.  Last time we lost a game we thought we could re-attempt all the objectives but we weren't allowed to.  We just failed everything and got a replacement objective.  We didn't want that to happen again so we thought we should at least prevent 2 cities from becoming diseased.   

We were also not doing so well in the card draw department with North America cards for the control center objective.  We were down to either NY, Toronto, or Washington but we didn't have enough allied teams to cover all the cities.  Luckily right around the time we completed the disrupt trial objective we drew enough North America cards to figure out the city.  So we rushed our allied team across the world and got that one done.  As we are finishing this we draw our 2nd event card, Airlift.  (Our first event card that we chose was Encoded Messages and our scientist had had that for most of the game.)  

At this point we counted our cards and saw that we had 2 turns left before end game.  So we figured we might as well give Sabik's hideout a try.  It was our dispatcher's turn so we airlifted him to Leningraad.  He had 3x2s, 4, 8, 9, which was the most of any of us.  Between the rest of us we had all of the other numbers but only one Encoded messages card.  He had switched to "Collective Manager" (it came in handy at least this once!) and went in through the side that would lose him a cover.  First numbers were 3 and 8 so we swapped for my 3 and the next number was a 9 to get into the secure area.  So somehow we pulled it off after writing off this objective completely.   

This was a super intense game.  We went from "we're doing all right" to "not going to win" to "damage control" to "somehow we made it!"  We will do end game point buys during our next game because our friends had to leave. 

Played May tonight and it was pretty epic!  I think we're going to remember this one for a while.

We're not 100% sure that Coop is actual dead or if he's going to turn out to be a turncoat later in the year.  This game series has made us paranoid.  We picked 5/5, 2/5, 5/5 for the questions.  Can't wait to see what sort of terrible that leads to in the future.  

As far as the game play goes, we also wanted to limit the potential chase from Johnasburg so we sent the Clinic Planner to close off 1 of the two paths (and similar to we closed off the one closest to Cairo).  Our hospital Admin didn't start with any cards but did have 2 event cards so that was less than ideal.  We did draw the card that allowed us to remove a city from the threat discard pile so we removed 1 of the 2 disease locations that we have.  By the 2nd time around we had managed to limit the pursuit to just 2 cities and was able to form a netrual team.  However, this was at the cost of lots of agents on the board.  We ended up with 6 incidents spread across the board.  We completed the pursuit objective fairly early and then sent both teams off to do more productive things, like removing agents.  The Medical Conference Coordinator was able to create a soviet team, get it to Peking and get the Allied team to Instanbul as well as move the next player to NY since we need to be in DC in order to do the Acquire Target action.  Thus on what turned out to be my turn I was able to complete the objective to acquire targets for objective 2 and then on a 50/50 shot was able to acquire the control center in South America as well to give us the Succeeding Win for May.  

We thought we were toast when the 6th incident came out on the board and we had 6 locations that had 3 agents each.  However, on the 2nd to last turn we drew the One quiet night card and that gave us the win. 



We never drew a disease cube the entire game as the only disesed city got shuffled to the bottom of the deck on the first escalation and we never got back to it the rest of the game.  It was the top card on the One Quiet Night.  Our strategy of removing the disease locations ASAP is paying off.  

For Bonuses we had 5 points and spent on 3 visa's and the Gumbrella.  

Oh and I've made 3D printed disease cubes as shown below.  Can't wait to see them on the board. 

Nasty looking bug compared to a boring cube

Got our March plays in today.  First time back to the game since Nov. 

Funding Level at start of month = 7

We also in the pregame we answered question 4 “we have an emotional attachment to our friends” as “agree”.  So after we ran the numbers we got the restriction card that says all search actions need to be done in Washington.  Our point total was 1.  It didn't matter in this game though as we were never close to checking for either objective before our world fell apart on us.  South America ended up being a disaster area with there being 3 agents in 4 of the 5 locations.  We couldn't get a neutral team created in order to help take care of the problem.  While we were trying to keep SA under control the MIddle East and Western Asia hit critical state and we ended up running out of incident tokens again.  The best thing we did though was remove the one city that has the disease from the game with our event card on the first turn.  Not having to worry about dieses made the game easier, not that it mattered in the end.  Result = Failure. 

2nd try at March went much smoother.  Playing again immediatly after our first loss helped us with strategy and overall game play.  It also helped that all 3 of our opening 3 incident locations where in NA which made it easy to get to and clean up.  We were actually able to get an allied team created early.  We also didn't have a ton of difficulty in creating the 2 Soviet teams.  Our Medical Coordinator's ability to pull city cards out of the discard pile was useful as he did it twice to create both Soviet teams.  We put the Crime boss to work twice as well so it felt good to have that upgrade work out immediatly.  Despite not knowing which of 3 Pacific Rim cities the Soviets where manufacting in, we put a team in all 3 locations and was able to complete both objectives, even if we did  need to be in DC to push the button.  

Really enjoying where this journey is going and can't wait to see what's next.

Early March – Win (funding level was 3)

In the pregame we answered question 4 “we have an emotional attachment to our friends” as “agree”.  So after we ran the numbers we got the restriction card that says all search actions need to be done in Washington.  Yay.  This game is definitely setting up the government to betray us at some point. 

This was another close one.  Again, we were cruising along, victory in sight, when we realized that our player deck was going to run out before we could get the cards to the people that needed them AND be in Washington to complete the search (stupid government restrictions).  We managed to figure out a way to do it but it required the use of airlift and 3 people had to scratch off 1 box from their aliases (nothing terrible happened, one of our players had to discard a card (that we didn't need) and the other 2 were blank) but we managed to pull off the victory with 1 card remaining.  Normally, our play style is not to let our characters take damage juuust in case and we would have used the airlift to get our characters out of danger, but this time we sacrificed for the win.  Our Hospital Admin is now our most mobile character through his use of his Spy Camera upgrade.  He figured out that if the city card is in the discard pile that it means unlimited direct flights for him so long as he has the action to get the card.   

Game end upgrades (6pts): ( pointed out we were doing this wrong, but we already played this one too.  Will fix in April.)

Medical conference coordinator (heretofore abbreviated as MCC) got Authorization codes 715 and 405.  These are the new ones we got about moving teams and getting rid of agents on their turn with teams.  We figured since this guy is best at moving teams he can use both of these to best effect.  

Playing with the same 4 people as Season 1 and 2 - B, R, J and Me. 

Prologue: Won on first try.  This is much better than S2 when we didn't win the prologue until our 3rd attempt.  Off to an amazing start.

Jan: Won - Adaquate.  Personnel Card: Same as photo.  Agree, Disagree, Agree.  We were able to complete the objective of finding Agent Sabik which prevented  us with an interesting dilemmia of whether or not to tell the agency that we found him and just how much information to share with them.  As a team we all agreed the less was more in this case.  We were close on the other objective but ran out of time for the month.

Incidents in: Prague, Saigon, Leopoldville, Shangai

Spent our 4 points of Improvements on:

  1. Put a safe house in Moscow
  2. Added Spy Camera to the Hospital Admin to help make team assemly easier. 

Feb: Won - Adaquate.  We almost screwed up big time.  Since this was the first game where we had more event cards than the number we could play with, I set them aside for the rest of the team to select which one's to play with.  We then forgot to shuffle in the Escalation cards.  Didn't realize our mistake until the 5th turn.  Ended up shuffling the rest of them into the remaining deck as we should have but it caused the escalations to come pretty quickly after that.  While its possible we normally would have gone 5 turns without an escalation, its unlikely. 

Spent all game trying to get a Soviet team assembled to deal with a massive amount of agents in Asia but never had enough Soviet cards in play at the same time to get one created.  Did get an allied and nuetral team created which helped to block two of the 3 trials in Africa.  We had the Allied team pretty early and had an opportunity to resolve with only one, but was glad we waited for the 2nd.  Had the agent problem  not been so great in Asia causing a large number of incidents we had a plan to get the 2nd nuetral team created to resolve all 3 trials, but 2 was better than 3.  Our scientiest were hanging out in Havanna, naturally enough, and it came down to a 50/50 guess between Havanna and Mexico City for the locations.  We were going to go with Mexcio City but we drew an escalation which meant we had to draw 3 cards with 5 of the 7 resulting in Incidents.  Would have survived another round if only 2 Incidents were pulled but pulled all 3 to end the month. 

Incidents in: Cairo x2, Karachi, Novosibirsk x2, Calcutta and Delhi


  1. Added Crime Boss in Hanoi to Research Assistant
  2. Added Authorization Code 715 to Medical Conference Coordinator

I work for a marketing agency based out of Virginia, so I work remotely from home (which is wonderful). They work with medical/dental/orthodontic practices, so I've been learning a lot of stuff I never thought I'd learn about haha I manage all the clients' blogs, split their social media marketing with a couple other coworkers, and work on videos when the need arises. Been working with them part-time since...April? May? I dunno. But I started full-time in September. This has been my first full-time job (with benefit and good pay) since I lost my job in January 2018, so it's been a huge blessing. I've also been able to do some small writing jobs, which has also been fun.

Since January 2018, I've been doing freelance copyediting, both for novels and rule books (such as Petersen Games' 8-Bit Attack). It's been great, and it's definitely helped me and my family through my time of unemployment. And, I love the work, so it's even better :) 

I also work with the youth at our church (volunteer work). More specifically, I work with the 14-15-year-old youth, including my brother-in-law who has down syndrome and autism. We have a lot of fun together :)