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Review: A Tale of Pirates » Shut Up & Sit Down image
ReviewReview: A Tale of Pirates » Shut Up & Sit Down ( [A Tale of Pirates]Like| 0 comments | [+]
Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates - A Deck Building, Race Across the Caribbean | Meeple Mountain image
ReviewExtraordinary Adventures: Pirates - A Deck Building, Race Across the Caribbean | Meeple Mountain ( [Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates!]Like| 0 comments | [+]
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I am not buying anything the rest of the year....


Merchants and Marauders
Merchants and Marauders: Seas of Glory
Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye: Druids
Firefly: The Game
Firefly: Breaking Atmos
Firefly: Artful Dodger
Firefly: Pirates and Bounty Hunter
Dice Throne Pirate vs Artificier
Dice Throne Gunslinger vs Samurai
Wasteland Express
Wasteland Express: Scrappening
The Mind
Istanbul Big Box
Black Angel
Food Chain Magnate 
Fallout Atomic Bonds
Xia: Legends of a Drift System
Bean Trader
Incan Gold

I'm very excited to get my copy of #Tiny Epic Pirates And to  learn more about the new Root expansion and #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile!


Nifty list! Even a few games I haven’t heard of. Pre-Covid, my wife’s family would participate in a white elephant/Yankee swap in which we would always throw in a small game. Here is short list of games we’ve gifted in the past that should fit in a sock.

#Sushi Go!: Very simplistic drafting and set collecting game that works well with all ages. The artwork may inspire nightmares as the food stuffs are rendered anime style with slightly creepy faces. If more variety desired, go with #Sushi Go Party!, but be warned it comes in a tin that will stretch that sock.

#Parade: Such a neat little game. Basically players add cards to a line (5 suits with values ranging from 0-9) and depending on what they add to the line they may have to take cards from said line and placed in front of the player. The interesting thing about scoring is the player with the majority of a specific suit only counts the number of cards rather than the face value of the cards. Lowest score wins.

#Cockroach Poker: the most pure bluffing game that I can think of. This is another odd one as everyone wins aside from a single loser.

#Biblios: This is like two games in one box. First part is a draft of sorts where a card can either go in front of the start player, in front of an opponent, or in the auction pile for the second part of the game.

#Archaeology: The New Expedition: We gifted the older Z-man version (#Archaeology: The Card Game), but this newer version adds a little more variety via monuments.

#Claim: mentioned the tiny epic games, here is another one from the same designer. Claim is trick taking game that work well with two (which was a shock to me). Each suit or in this case race is unique and this does take a few plays to figure out, but its worth it. Also, there are plenty of little expansions (and a standalone) available for this as well to increase variety.

#Fleet: Another odd one. Mix multi-use cards, auctions, and tableau building with the veneer of that deadest catch TV show (is that still on?) and you get this game. Will note that I refuse to play without the #Fleet: Arctic Bounty Expansion as it has those neat “going fishing cards” that really help those turns when you either can’t or don’t want to buy a new license. Also crab meeples. CRAB MEEPLES!!!

#Hanamikoji: I’ve heard this described as I pick you choose. What’s neat about this is it is both thought provoking and short. I think it was the last game we played where I was beaten in the first round.

#Port Royal: Basically building a tableau of sorts while pressing your luck with pirates.

i want to see more themes within themes. Like playing pirates in the Star Wars universe. Or gambling in a fantasy setting.

What is your favorite theme for a game? Pirates, space, medieval, etc.

Oh boy! I have bought so many games over the last year that I haven't played yet. It is kind of my way of coping with the pandemic. But just over the last month, I bought Castles of Tuscany, Talisman Kingdom Hearts, Quetzal, Sanctum, Lost Ruins of Arnak, and Horrified. I also pre-ordered Sparticus and Tiny Epic Pirates and kickstarted Stellaris. I removed Sid's Civilization (original), some Unlock games, and Cthulu the card game. I never played them and I have decided that any game rated less than 8 out of 10 for me is potentially on the chopping block because I just don't have room anymore.

Don't really have specific ones in mind for the holidays, so I'll just do a general "must play" list

  1. #Hansa Teutonica - Got my hands on this one pretty recently. It's been on the back burner in lieu of also buying #Pax Pamir (Second Edition), but after watching a playthrough and seeing how snappy and clever the game seems, I desperately want to get this one played.
  2. #Forgotten Waters - This was the GameNerdz DotD recently and I nabbed one. I'm pumped to get a full complement of seven people together and give this one a whirl. I've been involved in theatre for the last few years and I know more than a few thespians who would love to role play as wacky pirates.
  3. #Lancaster - Another solid euro that I recently acquired my hands on. Almost got this to the table the other day, but #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) beat it out. It's definitely on deck.
  4. #Brass: Lancashire - I have thoroughly enjoyed my three plays of #Brass: Birmingham, but I don't own it. GameNerdz suckered me again when they put this title up for their DotD. I'm curious to see how it differs from Birmingham and if I end up preferring it.
  5. #Inis - This is the only one that isn't currently on the shelf of shame, and I've played it ten times. I just bought #Inis: Seasons of Inis Expansion and I am eager to play this game with some of the new modules. 5 player Inis sounds like a blast!

BoardGameBliss has discounts up to 80% in their Black Friday sale.

Additional 5% / 7% discount for buying over $150 / $250.

They ship to the US (and free to the US at $200 CAD, which is roughly $154 USD).


#A Tale of Pirates $17.58 CAD, save 68%

#Agents of Mayhem: Firing Squad $6.99 CAD, save 80%

#Agents of Mayhem: Get Gaunt $4.79 CAD, save 80%

#Battle Ravens $27.48 CAD, save 50%

#Boom, Bang, Gold $5.61 CAD, save 80%

#Ceylon $18.73 CAD, save 67%

#Dreams $17.61 CAD, save 57%

#Kilt Castle $15.18 CAD, save 60%

#Lincoln $21.98 CAD, save 60%

#Vortex $15.18 CAD, save 60%


(included in the master list of Black Friday deals here)

So, you are thinking that the pirates would be controlled by some sort of AI? Or are you thinking that they would be controlled by another player.

It would be a Co-op game where You fight against the game (yes AI). The second phase has always two turns. First, turn our player's acts. In the second Turn, the pirates are moved one space closer to the flag (They can additionally move by events and unfortunate dice roll of the player). Pirates' actions are resolved automatically once they reach player (lose 1 life), wall (tear down the wall) or flag (lose the game), etc.

Hi again,

1. After some consideration I've come up with some good games that i would get if i were to start all over again (I have a dream):

#Star Realms (portable and fun, lots of expansions)

#Santorini (a much better than chess)

#Sushi Go Party! (Easy to pickup and good fun)

#Terraforming Mars (so good, the game that got me started)

#Burgle Bros. (I'm always game for a good co-op game) (Hopefully I'll get my kickstarter copy  #Burgle Bros 2: The Casino Capers)

#Forbidden Desert (what can i say, I really like co-op)

#Love Letter or#Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter Game (a Pint and love letter at the pub)

#Clank! In! Space! (Deck-building fun)

#The Taverns of Tiefenthal (was considering#The Quacks of Quedlinburg but i enjoy this even more )

#The 7th Continent (mystery and survival at its best) (Looking forward to#The 7th Citadel)

#Imhotep (simple, complex, fun and frustrating at the same time)

#Tiny Epic Galaxies,#Tiny Epic Zombies, #Tiny Epic Mechs,#Tiny Epic Quest, #Tiny Epic Defenders (Second Edition),#Tiny Epic Tactics,#Tiny Epic Kingdoms,#Tiny Epic Pirates, #Tiny Epic Dinosaurs #Tiny Epic Western (so small and with surprisingly much content and depth) (they are so small that my wife wouldn't even think that may gaming collection/addiction would be a problem)

Well folks that's the games i would get for my $200 (they were all on super mega sale of the century of course otherwise I wouldn't be able to get em all 😂).

2. And as for that hard to get game: #Shadows Over Camelot (co-op, hidden identity)