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We got four players to the table for a game of #Obsession saturday evening.  We noted that with four players the rooms come close to running out and meeples have to be brabbe quick if you want more than just footmen.  One player (the winner) went heavy and hard on the sporting estate upgrades and even though only one courtship card was for sporting events he still ended up winning pretty handily.  I am curious in future games if this will prove to be an unbalanced edge to the person who gets the most sporting tiles.

#Dice Forge made it to the table for a four player family game last week and appearently our cat loves the dice as well.  We lost one that was dragged away by the cat.  Two days later we found where he was hidding it.  Stupid cat.

I struggled through two solo games of #Clans of Caledonia using Clan Ferguson.  I did pretty terribly.  71 and I guess my clan got wiped out you could say.  Getting enough settlements to grab the end-game score of 18 points was challenging and I think I focused too much on the early goals instead of building more.  

I've only seen 2 of these movies, but I voted for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, because I think you could do some interesting things around the whole Manson story. It would be grim, of course, but it's an interesting story. The movie, however, is not totally accurate to the real events, but that would work for a game because you can tell your own story with the setting and characters.

As for existing movie based games, I can think of a few off the top of my head.

I just named a bunch of games that are supposed to be pretty good (I've only played 2 of them). I'm sure there are many more that are bad, haha. Overall though, I'd say that movies seem to work fairly well as themes for board games, with the added incentive of attracting the movie's audience.

I noticed #Disney: The Haunted Mansion - Call of the Spirits Game  $17.50 (yes, I'll keep plugging the game-it's a good family game), #The Game: Quick & Easy $9.00, #Pendulum $36.00 a Stonemaier game

Ha, well we all know mine... #John Company (Second Edition) and this with knowing next to nothing about it.

Quick side note, #PARKS has been on my radar as a possibly family game (by the way, since it's a game for my whole family it would not count toward my personal gaming goal... it's not a game I would probably pick up just for my gaming group or solo gaming).  But my FLGS has it on sale for $35! so I picked it up and plan on trying it out (minus a few rules for the first play) tomorrow with the family.

This is a great family game. It can be taught to just about everyone quickly, and it's always fun! I do hate the metal box, though, haha.

I've seen this describes as "easier #7 Wonders," which I don't think is real a great description. Obviously it takes the core mechanism of 7 Wonders, but that game involves more long term strategy and engine building, and in my opinion requires more attention paid to your opponents. If you want a drafting game that is just breezy and fun, Sushi Go Party is the answer, where 7 Wonders is a great option if you're looking for something a little deeper.

Wait just one minute.  I already made a post about this and it was ignored... sheesh.  Hah!

Overall I think it looks like it could be a fun little family game.  Reminds me of a different type of #King of Tokyo.  Doubt I would get it for my gaming group though as I don't think it would hit the table.

The only game mentioned here that I've played all the way through is #Point Salad. It's very light but fun! Solid family game. I'm currently in the middle of an online play of #Lost Ruins of Arnak, so I'll reserve judgment on that one.

Did #Aeon's End just get released in Germany or something? Or am I not understanding how the recommendations work?

Nothing really lately, I guess techincally it would be #Pax Pamir (Second Edition), #Dune and #King of Tokyo (all from BGA wins)

I ended up picking up #PARKS as a family game and it's been a big hit.

Finally, I'm counting #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile because it should be shipping soon(ish).

  • #Patchwork 1x - picked this up recently to play with my wife. I liked it! She said she liked it but got frustrated, haha. I think she'll end up liking it, though.
  • #Santorini 1x - taught this to a friend while we waited for some other people to arrive.
  • #Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game 1x @ 4p - my second time playing this. We played against Loki and lost. I enjoyed it! I still am not very drawn to co-ops, but I can have fun with them.
  • #Horrified @ 3p - played against Dracula and Invisible Man. We won pretty easily this time, so I wonder if 2 monsters at 3 players is not enough. 3 would obviously be more of a challenge, but I wonder if it would be too difficult.
  • #Sushi Go Party! 2x @ 5p - had the wife's family over and played this. They had all played before so it was a fun time. Such a great family game.