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You sold me with that Ozark pitch. That is not just a good idea but a great one. You could have a bunch of crime options that allow for bigger and better opportunities. An engine builder race against the clock.

Someone do this right now!

#Atlantis Rising (second edition) - I love cooperative games, and I've heard great things about this one.  I understand it has something to do with push-your-luck, which is another mechanism I love.  Plus this second edition has excellent components, so it's hard to resist.  It certainly sounds like something I need to try.

#Chronicles of Crime - Cooperative again, but this time with a murder mystery deduction element?  Yes, please!  Can't wait to get my hands on this one.

#The Taverns of Tiefenthal - I can't resist the opportunity to play the follow-up to Warsch's #The Quacks of Quedlinburg.  I've heard that this is just as good or even better for some people, which means I have to give it a try.

#Sub Terra - I'm intrigued by the theme of this one, and it's another unique cooperative game that has piqued my interest. Maybe it's not going to be a favorite for me, but I'd like to try it and see.

#Cubitos - Everything about this game looks like fun, honestly I need nothing more than that to put it high on my wishlist.

Las Vegas


MicroMacro: Crime City (first two cases)

Kingsburg (with some To Forge a Realm expansion elements)

The Quacks of Quedlinburg (twice with Herb Witches expansion elements)

Kingdom Builder (with Nomads and Crossroads expansions)

Zombie Teenz Evolution (twice)

Azul Summer Pavilion (with Glazed Pavilion expansion boards)

Pretty good week for me!

#Barrage - As one of my heaviest picks for our 10 x 5 challenge, it takes a lot to get it to the table. Finally broke it out last Monday and it was an interesting experience to say the least. I fully anticipated more plays would showcase that it is in fact too mean for us, but I don't think I found it to play that way this time. 3/5ths of the way through the game, I felt like I was doing absolutely nothing, but over the last 2 turns, I managed to set myself up for some big power generation at the end. It made me want to play it more which is totally not what I was going for lol. Sarah won 87-81 and still doesn't like it lol. Go figure.

#Kingdom Builder - Finished up yet another game of this on BGA. I did better than I have been but still get crushed. I still have a lot of fun playing though!

#Tapestry - Picked this up in my most recent trade with BoardGameCo (along with #Junk Art which I mentioned in last week's post). Gave it a try solo this past Thursday. I was mildly confused as to how the Automa's income turns worked. It seemed to be totally luck based on whether or not you happened to draw the income symbol in the middle of their 2 cards. They ended up skipping their entire first round based on the luck of the draw, and would have honestly skipped more if not for me rearranging how I oriented their cards a couple of times. I ended up winning 152-86 so it wasn't much of a challenge. I'm looking forward to trying this out again and going down some other tracks to see if it helps me score higher.

#Splendor - Finished up a game of this on BGA that seemed to end rather quickly. was able to swoop in with the win with a big last turn. Lots of fun and would be down for a rematch.

#Lorenzo il Magnifico - and myself have been playing this one for awhile over on Yucata and finally ended our game a couple days ago. It was my first time playing it at 4 and boy was it difficult. All my plans kept getting thwarted by people playing in the columns I wanted to go and simply not having enough resources to pay to go there anyway. I'll have to get in some more practice haha.

#The Castles of Burgundy - Also finished this one with the same group over on Yucata. All of us were really close yet again, all within striking distance of winning. Always expect this one to be among my favorites that I can't see myself parting with.

#Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game - Season One - Played the final case of this with Sarah last night. It was probably my least favorite of the cases, and that's saying a lot as I barely remember the first case lol. It seemed a little too cliché to the point where we didn't really get any solid evidence, but were able to sort out what happened fairly easily. We only missed one question, but in retrospect, we probably could have thought about it for a few minutes more and figured it out. Adding this one to the trade/sell pile.

Was not expecting #Paleo to win even after the GameNight! crew on BGG predicted it. I felt they came across as a little too hyped over their first play. I will admit it's the one game in the Kennerspiel category that's at least doing something different with the backs of the cards representing what you might see on the fronts.

No shock for #MicroMacro: Crime City wining the Spiel.

Oddly enough, watching a playthrough of #Zombie Teenz Evolution and #Fantasy Realms got them added to my wishlist.

I don't think #MicroMacro: Crime City is for me, but I'd be happy to give #The Adventures of Robin Hood a run. I'm itching to play #Lost Ruins of Arnak (which I've bought) and now I'll probably rethink giving #Paleo (which I most likely won't buy) a try if the chance arises.

Pretty good week for me!

#Secret Hitler - My meetup group is slowly creeping back to our "normal" pre-pandemic ways. Way back then, this was a staple on Monday nights. We played 2 games at the full 10 player count. Loads of fun as always.

#Junk Art - I brought this with me last week and immediately several people were interested in trying it out. Played 2 games - one with the suggested set up from the rulebook and another city cards drawn at random. I think the favorite city of the night was "Hometown" as it allowed for a lot of points.

#Disney Villainous - My friend brought this (with every expansion ever made lol) to the group. We played at 3 and I shockingly won! He usually beats me pretty badly lol. It was pretty cool though because he and the other person we played with were one turn away from winning themselves. Very close game!

#Village - had mentioned this in his mini shelf review post and I was immediately intrigued by the premise. I of course have no willpower when it comes to adding games to my collection, so after watching a few videos on it, I decided to pick up a copy off the BGG Geek Market. I played 2 handed just to get a feel for the game. Definitely interesting and feels very thematic. My friend wants me to bring it to the meetup tonight so I'll hopefully get to play with real people soon!

#Amerigo - Part of the reason I got Village off the Geek Market was because the person who sold it to me also was selling this. It's been on my wishlist for a bit because of my love for #The Castles of Burgundy and the idea of a cube tower seemed really neat. Also just tried it out 2 handed. There are some mean bits that I don't know if Sarah will appreciate, but I feel like you need to actually try to be mean for those to have an impact. Maybe it won't be so bad when playing with other people, but dropping the cubes in the tower felt like a chore by round 3 lol. I still liked the gameplay though!

#Teotihuacan: City of Gods - Finished up a game on BGA with and . After the first round, basically had the game won haha. Always have a fun time playing this.

#7 Wonders Duel - It's been a bit since Sarah and I have played anything off our 10 x 5 challenge, largely because we've just been really busy. 7 Wonders Duel was originally not on our list of 10, but because we finished both #Fabled Fruit and #Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game - Season One in 3 plays each, we needed something to play 4 more times total. Sarah picked this thinking I would be willing to part with it after we played a few more times. After this play (which she won easily) she's now unsure if she wants to get rid of it. Go figure lol.

Based on the content I've seen on the game, I'd say this definitely leans pretty far toward "fun activity" and away from "game". There's nothing wrong with that, but seeing it win any "game of the year" type awards would annoy me. Like, game design is much harder than making an elaborate "Where's Waldo?" puzzle. I don't mean to insult #MicroMacro: Crime City, as it does honestly look like fun, but I don't think it should be compared to board games.

Not sure if he's done any boardgames yet, but Dmitri Burmak has done some great work on #Frostgrave and #Magic: The Gathering. Probably my favorite fantasy artist. His art book for Frostgrave is outstanding.

Another one I like - whose work you have almost certainly seen - is Franz Vohwinkel. He's done a ton of games, as well as RPGs and MtG.

Doris Matthaus established the classic look of 90's-00's Euros. It was a crime when they put out the new edition of #Carcassonne without her art.

Ryan Laukat has a distinctive style which ties together his games - and he's the designer, too!

The only problem I have with #MicroMacro: Crime City is it seems to be out of stock everywhere :p. I agree with as I am convinced that it will win. 

Quite a varied list of games.  I haven't played any of them, but I think #Chronicles of Crime: 1900 and #Sleeping Gods are the ones that interest me the most.

I'd like to see #The Adventures of Robin Hood win so I voted for it, but I won't be at all surprised if #MicroMacro: Crime City actually wins.

Having not been familiar with #Zombie Teenz Evolution or #The Adventures of Robin Hood, I just watched part of the BGG GameNight! playthroughs they posted. I wouldn't be surprised to see #MicroMacro: Crime City win, but I could honestly see myself picking up and enjoying ZTE. That's getting my vote.

I haven't heard much about The Adventures of Robin Hood, Zombie Teenz is a follow up, and MicroMacro: Crime City is amazing (my choice)!

Last week was just so so for me. This week is already looking to be better haha.

#Tiny Towns - Played this a couple times last Monday with my Meetup group. It's an okay game that I used to own and be more excited about, but it kind of lost it's appeal for me personally. Still wouldn't say no to a game because it's so short and not terrible lol.

#Spot It! - Another one played last Monday with the group. Suprisingly fun for what it was!

#MicroMacro: Crime City - I counted this as a "play" even though it could have really gone either way. The guy who runs the group basically wanted to show the rest of us what the game was about. We ran through the intro case pretty quickly. I'd definitely be interested to continue with the other cases.

#La Granja - Finished up a long running game on BGA with , , and . I lost pretty handily, but don't think I did too bad for my first time playing. Lots to think about an a lot of planning ahead in this one. Would absolutely play again!

#Draftosaurus - Another one on BGA with the same as above, except replacing Bob with . First time playing with both the summer and winter boards in the same game. It honestly surprised me when the game continued after the summer side haha. Much higher scoring than I'm used to for obvious reasons. This game's great fun!

Some interesting nominees this year. I feel like everyone has pegged #MicroMacro: Crime City as the eventual winner so no surprises to see it get a nomination. Also strange to see #Paleo nominated as I feel like I've heard more bad than good.

Not a very impressive week last week compared to my most recent past weeks. We spent a lot of time getting our place ready to show as we're trying to sell. It meant a lot of packing up excess stuff and bringing it over to my parent's basement for the time being. We officially are down to the 10 board games in our 10 x 5 challenge as the only games in our house. How will I survive?!

Online plays of course!

As pointed out, we're in the midst of a game of #Lost Ruins of Arnak with right now. We got started on this game last Monday when Wade invited me to play. I've always wanted to try it based on the hype and mechanisms, but something about it hadn't really grabbed me enough to ever getting around to it. After our first play, I was more hooked than I should have been I think lol. It's definitely fun, but I don't think it's doing anything particularly amazing. It's over before you know it sometimes. For instance, in our second game last week, I barely had a chance to use any of the cards I picked up. I'm going to keep trying things out, but I'm not fully sold on it yet.

Got in another game of #Draftosaurus with , , and last week. I eeked out a narrow victory. I sound like a broken record but I really like how close this game always seems to be.

Finished up yet another game of #Kingdom Builder with , , and of course . I don't know if I'm just really awful at the game or don't fully understand the strategy/scoring conditions from game to game, but I always do really bad compared to everyone else haha. I certainly don't mind losing and letting them pad their win stats :P

The one and only real life game I got in this week was #Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game - Season One with Sarah last night. We had played the second case 2 weeks ago and failed pretty badly. Basically went on some wild goose chases as far as leads go and ended up running out of time without a whole lot to go on. We replayed it and this time went smoother for us. Compared to the first case in the box, I think this one left a little to be desired.