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Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid Review image
ReviewDinosaur Island: Totally Liquid Review ( [Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid Expansion]Like| 0 comments | [+]
Brief Review: Tiny Epic Dinosaurs image
Brief Review: Tiny Epic Dinosaurs [Tiny Epic Dinosaurs: Laboratory Mini Expansion, Tiny Epic Dinosaurs]Like| 14 comments | [+]
Dinosaur 1944: A New Kickstarter from Petersen Games image
CrowdfundingDinosaur 1944: A New Kickstarter from Petersen Games [Dinosaur 1944]Like| 8 comments | [+]
Gods Love Dinosaurs: Tabletop Family Review image
Gods Love Dinosaurs: Tabletop Family Review [Gods Love Dinosaurs]Like| 0 comments | [+]
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Thanks for the welcome.

 1) Found out about BGA from the acquisition of boardgameprices. 2) Longer than I can recall. 20 years I guess. 3) I don't normally do superlatives. But #Tak #Tiny Epic Dinosaurs and #Photosynthesis are pretty high up there (Tak definitely being 1 and the others high up in ranking at the least).

This is awesome! Love the look of the game, especialy how the colors pop on the board. We'll be redesigning our game pages in the upcoming weeks and it'll have a section displaying a highlight video to best explain the game. This will be great to have on the game page for Umbra Via. Same thing with #Gods Love Dinosaurs and that video you shared a while back.

2. Favorite game, it's almost changing each time I've tried a new game. Now Dinogenics with the expansion Chaos. I love dragons and also dinosaurs.

WOW! Color me jealous, haha.

Well my last acquisition was in a trade. I picked up #Duelosaur Island (Xtreme Edition) on a whim, because it seemed interesting and I like the theme and art. I played it once with a friend, and I think I'll be trying to trade it for something else. It's a decent game, but I just feel like there's not a spot for it in our collection. Anything I want from this game can be gotten from #7 Wonders Duel, but better. Except dinosaurs, but what are you gonna do.

I played #Beyond the Sun, which has become one of my favorite games. Also played #Gods Love Dinosaurs, #Legends Untold: Weeping Caves Novice Set and #Patchwork. It has been a really active and diverse week :) 

Hi again,

1. After some consideration I've come up with some good games that i would get if i were to start all over again (I have a dream):

#Star Realms (portable and fun, lots of expansions)

#Santorini (a much better than chess)

#Sushi Go Party! (Easy to pickup and good fun)

#Terraforming Mars (so good, the game that got me started)

#Burgle Bros. (I'm always game for a good co-op game) (Hopefully I'll get my kickstarter copy  #Burgle Bros 2: The Casino Capers)

#Forbidden Desert (what can i say, I really like co-op)

#Love Letter or#Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter Game (a Pint and love letter at the pub)

#Clank! In! Space! (Deck-building fun)

#The Taverns of Tiefenthal (was considering#The Quacks of Quedlinburg but i enjoy this even more )

#The 7th Continent (mystery and survival at its best) (Looking forward to#The 7th Citadel)

#Imhotep (simple, complex, fun and frustrating at the same time)

#Tiny Epic Galaxies,#Tiny Epic Zombies, #Tiny Epic Mechs,#Tiny Epic Quest, #Tiny Epic Defenders (Second Edition),#Tiny Epic Tactics,#Tiny Epic Kingdoms,#Tiny Epic Pirates, #Tiny Epic Dinosaurs #Tiny Epic Western (so small and with surprisingly much content and depth) (they are so small that my wife wouldn't even think that may gaming collection/addiction would be a problem)

Well folks that's the games i would get for my $200 (they were all on super mega sale of the century of course otherwise I wouldn't be able to get em all 😂).

2. And as for that hard to get game: #Shadows Over Camelot (co-op, hidden identity)


#Architects of the West Kingdom seems too easy and he likely has that one. #Everdell would work if you get the #Everdell: Legends to go with it as there are some variable player options. #Trismegistus: The Ultimate Formula could be a sneaker that doesn't have worker placement but does have the other mechanics.

If you are aiming big then #Anachrony is all over all of those "wishes" if s/he doesn't have it already.  Midrange and slightly off the mark games might be #Maracaibo or #PARKS.  On the lower end (Actually PARKS migth fall there) something like #Tiny Epic Dinosaurs could function although it seems a bit too small.

#Raiders of Scythia could be a nice left field option.

Tzolk'in can be a bit intimidating, but it's actually fairly simple. I think Dinosaur Island is a solid choice. It's got amber dice, worker placement, and dinosaurs eating people. What more could you want? haha

Storytelling through gameplay. #Xia: Legends of a Drift System has been super fun for that.

Space. I like space. 

Critters.  I don't really have any games with critters, but I'm always interested in them.  Watership Down always holds a good place in my imagination, so I still have hopes of some day playing Aftermath.

Dinosaurs. I used to have pencil bags full of little dino mini toys when I was a kid, which naturally fed into my draw to #Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles... I did try it on tabletopia just to address my fears that I only wanted to back it because of dinos, and I really enjoy Anachrony, but I'd be lying to myself if I didn't admit that the dinos won't make me feel like a kid again.

Anything uncommon.  Themes that are different than a lot of games will usually draw me in even if I'm not that interested in the theme initially.

Haha!  This is a good topic.

#1. Dinosaurs (I guess I'm just a little boy at heart)

#2.  Favorite TV shows

#3   Transformers

#4  Beer

#5   Storage Units

Why you gotta be tempting me with an out of print game? haha I love dinosaurs (I'm still a child), and this just looks cool. I'm also interested in what makes the replayability less than stellar.