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This is great and the "ideal player count and conditions" is what triggered me to do the same with my list with those two ideals in mind.  Your process and format are fantastic!  As I read through the games we've both played I note that we have similar thoughts which drive me to look at the games I haven't played on your list and seriously reconsider some games I've been so-so on.  Doing 20 games was tough but I hammered through and here's what I came up with:

20. #Marvel Champions: The Card Game - I thought this would be a little higher and to some degree it feels a little like #Firefly: The Game which I feel is a great game, tons of fun to play, but has a sort of "niche" spot on my shelf and tends to not rank among my top tier games.  Champions is still a great game, lots of fun, and very engaging.  In trying to consider why it gets bumped down I might argue that the length of play with the ideal play number (3-4?) is fairly long.  Even a two-player game takes a decent amount of time.

19. #Root - I finally got to play a three-player game the other night and the magic of this game came through for me.  I can see this moving up my list over time with more plays.  The "gotcha" aspect of this game is would keep it from being much higher as I tend to gravitate away from such games.  That Root makes this list at all is a testament to how much fun it is.

18. #Castles of Mad King Ludwig - has been in my collection for several years now and remains a staple.  4 players is the best to play with but the other player counts are well balanced and there is a solo option as well.  The market arrangement at the beginning of each round is one of my favorite aspects to this game.  

17. #Terraforming Mars - this was a tough one.  I enjoy this game and it remains an engaging experience when it hits the table.  The solo on this is quite fun as well.  It's been a while since I've played but still makes the top 20 with solid mechanics and gameplay.

16. #Everdell - this was a very very challenging game to place!  I'm not sure if it's the long setup or a slight untightness in gameplay that keep it from being higher.  I don't often have ideal options to play and there are a few "gotcha" cards that drive it down slightly.  The components and art are off the charts and this is one of the few heavier games my entire family will play.

15. #Viscounts of the West Kingdom - is a game that could rise as time goes on.  I taught Becky and she did well on her first game (beating me of course) and this might end up passing #Paladins of the West Kingdom at some point.  This is a deck-building game with lots of crunchy mechanics.

14. #Teotihuacan: City of Gods - was another challenge to rank as I have fewer plays but it has a very engaging rondel and the player interaction on the board is fun and the theme is well balanced with the mechanics.  This is a well-designed game.  The solo mode is quite nice.  If there is a knock on this game it might be the extra setup with dice when you have less than 4 players.  

13. #Tapestry - is very fun with one of the longest setups of any game I have (competing with Everdell) but the components and gameplay are creative and a five-player game is perhaps the most engaging.  I am looking forward to getting #Tapestry: Plans and Ploys and seeing how much that adds to the game.

12.  #PARKS - I wasn't 100% sure this would make the top 20 but with the #PARKS: Nightfall Expansion it moves up past other games and is a relaxing and enjoyable game that feels like a walk in the park.  The art is beautiful and the player interactions are easy going.

11. #Anachrony - Wow...I thought this would be higher but the setup probably shifts it down slightly.  Still, it has a fantastic time travel aspect, great engine building, and asynchronous player boards, make this an awesome game to play.  The solo mode is fun as well.  Takes up quite a bit of space.

10. #Paladins of the West Kingdom - gets the edge into the top 10.  Everything said was spot on.  The solo version is very well designed.

9. #Rococo: Deluxe Edition - I wasn't sure where this would land but it edged out Paladins as I liked the 5 player count and the art and gameplay I felt were the slightest bit better.  It too has a great automa.

8. #Maracaibo - I would not have thought this would have made my top 10 last year but I find myself wanting to play this more and I think a 4 player count with the campaign mode makes this a tantalizing game to play.  The colonialism theme could be a little edgy for some folks but doesn't standout as a focus and the theme is more set in an era than encouraging poor behaviors through gameplay.  

7. #Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island - this is another game I didn't think would make the top 10 but it is a great game with a very hard solo experience.  With four players this game is engaging and incredible to play and I think was years ahead of it's time when it came out with combined components, theme, and mechanics.

6. #Heaven & Ale I had to juggle to decide if this would beat out Robinson Crusoe and decided Heaven and Ale gets the edge.  Excellent euro-game that hits the mark on time, strategy, and intriguing player interaction around the rondel.

5. #Wingspan - is just great at 5 players and remains an amazing game with beautiful art, interactive gameplay, and still gets more plays than any other game in our home.  The solo mode is quite good as well.

4. #Clans of Caledonia - is a great economic resource management game with a nice tight game time and mechanics.  I could probably play this one over and over again using the different clans.

3. #Gloomhaven - such a great game and dollar for dollar you'll be hard-pressed to find a game that gives you more bang for your buck.  Solo or with others this is an amazing game.

2. #Viticulture: Essential Edition - this is a game that shines under the ideal conditions.  Worker-placement with some engine-building, this game is so much fun and the race to 25 points is engaging.

1. #Scythe - gets the top spot.  It checks all the boxes that a game can check for me and with 6-7 players is off the charts fun.  When I first bought this game I thought it would be moderately fun.  After multiple game nights now this game is the bar to beat.  


Games that might challenge for spots next year: #The Gallerist depending on set up and how brain-smashing the interlocking mechanics feel.  The solo might factor in as well. #Brass: Birmingham could sneak in there after a few game nights. #Raiders of Scythia feels like a game that could push for a 10-20 range spot. #Obsession feels like it has the best possibility to get into the top 10.  I can see it making a move this year for sure.

1. Over the years I've come to conclude that Worker Placement is one of my favourite mechanisms!  I really enjoy the simplicity of, I have a token and I put it here and I resolve an action.  And then the amount of different ways designers have used it, from #Raiders of the North Sea with its simple place one take one to more complex ones (e.g. Lacerda) where you can start a chain of actions with cleverly placed workers.  Taking a space somebody else wanted is always satisfying!

2. Tough decision, but I'd probably go with #Caylus 1303 which I recently picked up and absolutely love the fact you place workers but only resolve the actions in order once everybody has finished placing.  Turns are so snappy just going around placing a single worker then onto the next person.  If I were to change anything it'd be the Favour and character interactions - people always get confused with the specifics of the rules on that.  (Bonus mention to #Troyes which I only recently got into)

3. I would love to try #Anachrony!  A friend of mine has it so hoping to get a try of it once lockdown ends.  Time travel + worker placement just sounds fantastic, and stealing resources from your future self sounds like an interesting twist.

(My first post here so apologies if I didn't get the links to games correct!)

  1. I love Glory To Rome. I’ve played a friend’s clamshell copy (which is ugly as sin) and I love the multiuse card system and swingy card powers. Would I ever spend $250 for a grail game? Not at the moment, but never say never! A large bag of $100 bills could fall into my lap some day, you never know.

  2. I really enjoyed playing Medium this year, mostly online through Zoom. Well, it’s 2020, and not able to spend time amongst people IRL has taken a toll on everyone. Thank goodness for video conferencing and being able to connect with people around the world. Medium was a super simple game to play online with any number of people. We even played a variant with 16 people answering together through the chat. It’s not my favourite game of the year, but playing it with people from all over was the best time I’ve had.
  3. I played Bus for the first time this year and was surprised that a game from 1999 with a weird time travel mechanism would be so up my alley. I can’t wait to teach it to my game group — in the future, when I can sit at a table with other people.

  4. At the end of 2020, my top 5 games (but not in order):
    1. Brass: Birmingham: Haven’t gotten bored with this yet, it’s always a tense puzzle. Plus, I’m getting a bit better at it.
    2. Rococo Deluxe: Finally arrived and it’s beautifully rococo and deluxe as all get out. I haven’t played the solo and expansions yet, but am eager to.
    3. Escape Plan: I love Vital Lacerda’s games, and — call me a contrarian — I think this is among the best, if only because the typical Lacerda tension finally matches the theme perfectly. Lacerda’s games are ones of scarcity and too many things you need to do this turn. In EP, there’s finally a thematic reason for the tension and it drives every turn to the last move.
    4. The Crew: It’s easy to play, easy to explain, and reminds me of all the hours of Euchre played in high school and uni.
    5. Pathogenesis: Immunology was a favourite course in uni, and this game not only simulates the body’s immune system really well, it also uses the deck-building mechanism extremely well to do it. Plus, theme appropriate for 2020.

Now that I think of it #Everdell is sort of a fall themed game.  And to some degree #Anachrony so long as you declare that you are time traveling to the "fall" season.

Solo wishlist. | Comment

I don't have much of a list for this category, because I constantly get them out of my wishlist. But they do come back to mind every now and then so I included them in the list below:

#Too Many Bones - #1 on this list. And 's first impressions drove it home for me!

#Nemo's War (Second Edition) - I'd like to see what this is about. It's hailed as one of the top solo games (just like all the other games in this list) and I'm curious

#Anachrony - I like the premise of this one involving time travel and a dystopian setting. Great production as well and I can see it having decently good tactile elements. Plus, the solo mode is by David Turczi

#Aeon's End - Lower on my list now that I'm set on Too Many Bones. Different games, but both involve a similar idea of boss battles

There is a special worker in #Tuscany: Essential Edition where you can go forward to different seasons. I would be that so I could time travel...

The company I work for makes cleaning and sanitizing products. We've started getting weekly emails on inventory levels.

As someone with a compromised immune system, and who spends A LOT of time traveling to look at dirty customer locations...I am a bit concerned.

Board game time travel, all of a sudden it's four rounds later and you have no idea what just happened.

The math in #Azul in between round melts my brain. Love the game but it gets exhausting.