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Destiny Aurora RPG and Destiny Aurora: Renegades board game image
CrowdfundingDestiny Aurora RPG and Destiny Aurora: Renegades board game [Destiny Aurora: Renegades, Destiny Aurora-Starfinder-Sci-fi RPG]Like| 1 comment | [+]
Kickstarter Ending (3/29 - 4/5) [Domina Anthology, featuring Pralaya, Miraris, and Argoat., Trumps and Ladders, Shadows of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game for 1-4 heroes, The Veil: Inh...]Like| 7 comments | [+]
Kickstarter Ending (2/28 - 3/6) [The Simple Spell Tracker, Jujo - Redux, Keep an Eye Out - Make 100, The Evils of Illmire: A Mini-Mega Hexcrawl Adventure Zine, #CultureTags™, Dump Que...]Like| 0 comments | [+]
Kickstarter Ending (2/14 - 2/21) [Dungeon Enforcer The Board Game, Hexagram #4, an Old-School RPG Zine for The Fantasy Trip, Rhetorical Oracle, safe & sound: a ttrpg zine, Thirty-Six S...]Like| 0 comments | [+]
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  1. #Colt Super Express
    I was very surprised by this one.  I played it at 3 and 4 players and it was a blast.  Very quick, very funny, very chaotic.  We were all laughing at some of the situations that arose during this game.

  2. #Wingspan
    Great medium weight game.  I usually play this one just me and my wife.  It's one of her favorites.

  3. #Diamant
    The only reason I love this game is that it's one of the few that I have that my 4-year-old can fully play with us.  We turn it into a semi-RPG game where we describe what we have for breakfast each day and how each hazard affects our group.

  4. #Empires of the Void II
    I wanted to like this one more than I did.  Part of the problem could have been that we learned and played this one way too late at night.  Hopefully we will get another shot at this one soon before we forget how to play.

  5. #Azul 
    Played this at 2-players.  It was a fine game, though a bit abstract for my taste.

I got way too much stuff. A lot of it Kickstarter deliveries, as a lot of stuff got backloaded between last month and this month because of *waves hands* all of this going on. Not as many retail purchases this month. Unless you count all the Warhammer 40K stuff I have bought... *whistles* Anyway...

  1. #Alice is Missing: A Silent Role Playing Game - Backed on KS. Sounded like a fun game I could use to introduce non-RPG people to them. 
  2. #Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps - I played this at Origins 2019 and instantly loved it. (the GF9 guy running said we were the first table to get everyone out alive) I have been waiting forever it feels like for this to come out.
  3. #B-29 Superfortress - A secret santa gift. I have a deep love of solo aviation war games ever since I bought B-17 Queen of the Skies on a whim as a kid. This and #Target for Today: Bombers over the Reich, 1942-1945 keep that game's tradition alive in an updated format. 
  4. #Black Rose Wars: Sator Box - Bought it off someone who backed the Kickstarter. As muh as I back on Kickstarter, I somehow missed the BRW campaign and have been gettng all its stuff piecemeal. 
  5. #Dark Rituals: Malleus Maleficarum - Backed on KS. See my Warhammer comment above? Mounds of miniatures get me all hot and bothered.
  6. #Dawn of the Zeds (Third Edition) - Always on the lookout for good solo experiences. 
  7. #Dice Hospital: Community Care - Backed on KS. Have Dice Hospital. Haven't played it yet, but I love Dice based games (drafting, placement, etc.) so I went ahead and backed the expansion.
  8. #Dune: Imperium - I'm not even a big Dune fan, but this looked fun.
  9. #Dwellings of Eldervale - Backed on KS. How could I pass up such a gorgeous production? The aesthetics just add to the fact that it's a great game.
  10. #Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy - I needed a big 4x game. I got a big 4x game. And it's gorgeous. I wanted to back this on KS, but didn't have the money at the time. Fortunately I found out that Lautepelit was selling extra US stock through their website and picked it all up.
  11. #HEXplore It: The Sands of Shurax - Backed on KS. I love adventure/exploration games with story. 
  12. #Hornet Leader: The Cthulhu Conflict - Black Friday sale. I love the leader series and the price was right no get this cheeky expansion.
  13. #Picket Duty: Kamikaze Attacks against U.S. Destroyers – Okinawa, 1945 - More solo war game goodness.
  14. #Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island - Treasure Chest - See the comment on 13 above. ;)
  15. #Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef - Angler's Cove - When I late backed Tidal Blades, apparently I didn't add on the expansion. No idea why. I rectified that on Black Friday.
  16. #Tumble Town: the Dice Stacking Spatial Puzzle Game - Backed on KS. More dice game goodness. I think I can get the family to play this.
  17. #Tungaru - Backed on KS. All the playthroughs I saw during the KS looked like fun. 
  18. #Unmatched: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Unmatched never really interested me all that much, except for the Bruce Lee expansion. Why get that when the rest didn't interest me? This set got me interested. And of course now they announced forthcoming sets with Marvel characters, so of course I will have to get those. 
  19. #Waste Knights: Second Edition - Late backed. Never even knew about the campaign until I started maintaining a Late Pledge list over on Board Game Geek. It's the kind of game that's right up my alley.
  20. #Trick Shot - Backed on KS. I looooove hockey. Just received it today, actually. 
  21. #It's A Wonderful World: Corruption & Ascension - Backed on KS. Just arrived today. 

The irony in making this list now is I expect to receive the #Anachrony: Infinity Box on Wednesday from the last KS. I got it through The Game Steward. So 22 new things this month. Whew.

1.  I have a clamshell version of #GloryToRome and my interest in the black box version is very high (having played it) but my budget doesn't allow for a $250 drop on #GloryToRome or a single game (that I personally would play more often if fellow gamers agreed) especially when I have a version already.

I might spend $250 on a Grail Game, but have not yet.


2. We played Settlers of Catan, and the reason I select this is because my whole family (some non-gamers) agreed and were eager to play.


3.Scooby Doo Escape From Haunted Mansion it makes sense the paper components given it's lack of repeated play (resuable by others). It was a very clever and fun game. Family also enjoyed this. 

4. Top Five Current Games as#2020 


A. Dune (Avalon Hill Frank Herbert's Dune) (rereleased by Gale Force Nine. Classic and the movie is set to release in 2021


B. Settlers of Catan because the family will all play agreeably.

C. Unmatched because this reboots restores Star Wars Epic Duels and it's super fun!

D. Arkham Horror LCG because it's a solid game and you can play solo.

E. Call of Cthulhu RPG because it can be played easily over Discord and is such a good game. Love the Cthulhu Mythos.



I remain curious about the solo play of oath. I can't imagine that it will be super great, mechanically speaking, but the story might be more than emough to make up for it. I hear it's best when played with a rpg attitude. 

I'd doubt #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile is a good single player game. The RPG element is entirely build your own story so it'd rely on you heavily creating the world and reasons for decisions. It's too interesting in a 1v1 situation either which is what solo would look like.

However, I'm not much of a solo gamer so maybe that judgement is off base but I did enjoy #Gloomhaven solo because I could explore and discover the world.

So your description reminded me of this place that's near my house:

They did a kickstarter a while back.  Here's a link to their kickstarter page.  They also call their drinks potions, but do not serve them in potion bottles which I think is definitely a missed opportunity haha. 

The interior is soooo epic.  However, its not quite well lighted enough to really play board games.  They are more geared towards the RPG thing, which is great.  But they need a lot more tables to really do board games.  They also have a video game corner. 

I think you definitely need to have coffee though.  Alcohol you can defintely not do (and there's a bunch more paperwork involved with alcohol as mentioned).  But I think long gaming sessions would defintely call for coffee.  Helps keep people at your tables. 

I like this idea too! Here's mine:


#The Legend of Korra: Pro-Bending Arena

I got the base game for my son about 18 months ago, and was a bit disappointed at the difference between that and the Kickstarter version. I found a good deal on eBay for one still in shrink (about £40 instead of the £60+ it usually seems to sell for when second hand), so I picked it up a few weeks ago.

The only problem is that when I tried to teach him how to play the game last summer I screwed up a couple of rules and it dragged on forever, so we keep saying we're planning to try it again but never getting round to it. I'm trying to decide whether to open the Deluxe version to try again, or keep it and try the base one a few more times so I can sell the Deluxe one on if need be.


Removed/thinking about removing

I have quite a few games bought for my kids that I think my youngest is starting to more on from now. So I am planning on putting these into my trade/sell pile:

#Magic Maze Kids

#Ticket to Ride: First Journey - Europe

#Rhino Hero

I also have a couple of games I picked up because they were cheap that I have never managed to get to the table, so I'm planning to pass on:

#Llamas Unleashed

#The Lord of the Rings

There are a couple that I have had for a long time, but which I don't really see getting played any more:

#Penny Arcade, the Game - Gamers vs Evil


Finally, I'm re-evaluating a couple of others after realising just how rare it is for me to play 2-player games with my older son, now that the younger one is joining in more:

#Hive Pocket

#Star Wars: Empire vs. Rebellion


Games on my radar

#Stop the Train!

#Scape Goat

My older son loves social deduction games (we got him #The Menace Among Us for Christmas) and these both sound like they would work pretty well, even at only 4 players.

#Burgle Bros 2: The Casino Capers

#The Search for Planet X

I'm not sure if these count, as I've actually got both on preorder from a long time ago (though I could technically cancel either). I am very much looking forward to trying both of them though, solo and/or multiplayer.

#The Initiative

I only learned about this one yesterday, and it intrigues me. I'm waiting to see reviews before jumping on it, but I think it might be another one that's nice to play with my whole family.


Backer's Regret?

I'm not sure if this should count, since I backed it before Christmas but had to pay some additional costs last month. Anyway, I'm going to add one more category here.

#Mission Catastrophe

I backed this one on Kickstarter, and I'm not yet sure it wasn't a mistake. There are limited reviews. What I did read sounded appealing, and I'm hopeful, but by the time shipping and VAT was added in last month I have spent more than I think I really should have, and don't really know how it's going to turn out.

Unlike many board game players I've rarely backed physical games (a lot of RPG pdf files, though...) and of the two currently sitting on my shelf I'm a little disappointed in one, #STEM: Epic Heroes (great artwork and I love the idea behind it, but the game is a bit dull), and the other, #Mint Condition Comics I've read the rules a couple of times but always seem to find something else to play. So I'm not sure I've got a great track record in judging these things.

I'm really into #Frostgrave: Second Edition and the sci-fi setting doesn't appeal to me as much, so I will probably skip this one.

But the core mechanics seem pretty similar, so I can tell you that you're in for a treat! It's an easy-to-learn system that lets you express your creativity through using whatever minis you want and literally building your world (via terrain) the way you want it to look. You can tell that Joe McCullough's games are a labor of love, and Stargrave will get the same ongoing attention and support that his previous games have.

If you're looking for a solo system, I recommend #Rangers of Shadow Deep. It's built on the same Frostgrave core, but with the focus on solo play from the start. It gives you a little more of an RPG flavor with more skills for your soldiers and a bit of a choose-your-own-adventure in the campaigns.
You will probably be able to adapt Stargrave to solo play with the techniques outlined in RoSD and #Frostgrave: Perilous Dark, but you will likely have to put in more work yourself.

Oh, and also check out Joe McCullough's Operation Last Train! It's a free, solo, sci-fi system he developed as a charity fundraiser. It's not a FG port, but it still has a campaign mechanism in the form of an "iron man" roster - when a figure dies, he's dead!

1) A few years ago now I saw some old work mates of mine were having a board game night.  I honestly had lost touch of my friends and had a lot of trouble making new ones with the busy-ness of raising kids and working hard at a new career.  

So I just asked them if I could join them for an evening.  I think our first game was #Power Grid and I loved it!  Haven't looked back since.

2) It depends what you mean by gone too far.  If you mean, I'm fully immersed in the hobby and won't be quitting it then yeah for sure.  It's a great hobby with a social, tactile, and mental element to it that I enjoy.  I'm definitely only buying games with a solo mode right now but my group has so much to play it's not even funny.  I think we could take a week off and do nothing but play games and still not get caught up.  

For my collection I have a closet full of shelves and as long as everything fits in there, along with my RPG's and miniatures, then I am completely happy to collect away! :)

Finally got my July game of #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 in!  Writeup to come. 

Also introduced #Mice and Mystics to my 4th grade class.  (One of the boys had requested an RPG game earlier.)  It happened to be all boys that day and they absolutely loved it.  I didn't go too much into the weeds on the rules, basically let them pick a character and told them they are moving and attacking.  I didn't even give them any special powers until the 3rd tile.  And I wasn't 100% clear on the rules for the water part so I kind of flubbed them but I think I did it pretty well haha.  We only got through about 3 maps in the time we had, but they all wanted to play more. 

He also asked what other RPG games there were out there.  I said I had others but they were way more complicated.  I think I only have like #Gloomhaven, #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, #Star Wars Imperial Assault, and like... maybe #Arcadia Quest?  I don't have a ton of others and I think with the possible exception of #Arcadia Quest none of these are going down in a 4th grade classroom in less than 30 min haha.  Is there anything else out there that is on the similar level of difficulty as Mice and Mystics? 

My family has been hooked on #Space Base and #Canvas

RPG's are still taking up more time for me. In the past week, I played as a Rogue/Sorcerer in 5e, a teenage valley girl in Kids on Bikes, and a beaver in some weird Tales from the loop reskin.

Other than our RPG groups meeting in person again, I want to introduce some of my board game groups together and play a large game of #Sidereal Confluence

I heard through 3 minute board games.

just getting into hobby.  Been a computer gamer for years, but wife got me Star Wars Outer Rim and it felt like a small RPG and got me excited to see what else is out there.

Interestingly I'm an introvert so looking for: digital games, solo games,  and games that work for family with teens and older elementary school aged kids.

I have a closet with three shelves in it. My board games, rpg books, and miniatures need to fit in there per my own rules. I did some shelf consolidation earlier in the year but once the lates Christmas items are shelved and some kickstarters come in I will be doing one in/one out again. 

#Just One - Played this a few times with the extended family over Christmas.  I love that just about anyone can play this game.

#King of Tokyo - Played my brother's copy for the first time.  It's a nice gateway level game.  I don't feel the need to get my own copy though.

#The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine - Played this a few times with family.  A couple of people were new to trick-taking and had a hard time grasping this one.  It could have been because we played it pretty late in the night.

#Hive - Played with my brother.  I always lose this game.

#Diamant - Played with my kids, they love this one.  We sort of make it a RPG experience, acting out what we have for breakfast and how we react to each hazard.

#Outfoxed! - Another I played with my kids.  I love how it makes them think logically.

#Pioneer Days - Played this for the first time last night.  It's a great dice-selection game, can't wait to play it again.