The Winners Are Bryan & Gabor!


What is BGA Hacks?

We’re inviting hundreds of software engineers all over the world to create innovative board gaming projects in 24 hours. We released the new Board Game Atlas API connecting everyone to our growing game database, users, and forum.

We're pushing the board gaming hobby into the modern era of technology.

It's now live and going!

Go to the API Docs now.

The Prizes

  • The Judge's Winner: $100 of Iello Games
  • The Judge's Runner up: $50 of Iello Games
  • The Community Winner: $100 of Iello Games
  • The Community Runner up: $50 of Iello Games
  • Community Voters: a raffle for 5 Color Combo games (3 winners)
Sumbit Your Entry

Meet the Judges

All the submissions will go against a community vote as well as a panel of judges. The judges come from all across the board gaming community.

Christian Kang

Creator of the YouTube channel Take Your Chits.

Eric Yurko

Board game reviewer and creator of What's Eric Playing.

Mike Dunn

Executive Producer & Lead Tabletop Editor of Gaming Trend.

Kristi Weyland

Board game photographer and creator of Peace, Love & Games.

Tony Mastrangeli

Publisher of Board Game Quest – Board Game News, Reviews, and More!

Jack Eddy

Founder and chief content-monkey of The Cardboard Herald podcast, reviews, and video channel.

Mihai Cioraneanu

Creator of the the board gaming app Scorepal.

Scott Brady

Content Creator for SAHM Reviews.

Daniel Robison

Creator of Plumpy Thimble; board game reviews and entertainment.


The Board Game Minimalist

Jason "JT" Taylor

Creator, Owner, Operator, Eater of Worlds, Reviewer Extraordinaire, and Humble Host of the G-Club Channel on YouTube.

Thomas Grogan

Creator and Reviewer for The Mega Meeple.

Neilan - BoardGame Barrage

I'm a co-host of the Board Game Barrage podcast, and a video game technical artist, I love puzzly Euros and social deduction games.

Michelle Ridge

Tabletop Crier and Girls’ Game Shelf contributor.

Tar Caires

Has beaten Ghost Stories.The UX Coder.The Tabletop Gamer. The Video Maker. Games Manager at HABA USA.

Carla, Weird Giraffe Games

Software developer and board games publisher dedicated to creating engaging games focused on player choices & layered with strategy.

Brittanie Boe

Brittanie Boe is a writer, photographer and video producer who founded Be Bold Games in 2018. Her passions include her cat Dax, her daughter Hailey, bouldering, and going on adventures to capture the perfect photos on her camera.

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6:00 PMOpening Ceremony
6:30 PMHacking Begins
7:00 PMIdea Discussion
7:30 PMBoard Game Atlas API Demo
8:00 PMIntro to NodeJS
9:00 PMWeb App Workshop
9:00 AMAPI Q & A
12:00 PMTrent Ellingsen AMA
3:00 PMProject Demo from Trent
6:30 PMHacking Ends
7:00 PMJudging Begins
8:00 PMAward Ceremony
8:30 PMClosing Remarks


What is a hackathon?

It's an event where individuals and teams work to build something in a short amount of time with a theme or specific resources.

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate! It's geared towards software engineers but if you've got the talent to make something in another way, you can join!

What can I build?

The theme is to push the board gaming community to new heights with new apps and hacks. It can involve a website, mobile app, or hardware!

What if I don't have an idea?

No problem! I've got several ideas to get you started on what kind of things to build!

How much does it cost?

It's free to participate!

Are there prizes?

Yes! Many of our sponsors have provided board games as prizes! We'll have a raffle, participation prizes, and top scoring prizes.


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