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I've been playing Magic for about eight years, and commander for about four. I've been playing commander seriously for about two years now. I spend a lot of my time over at /r/CompetitiveEDH, a community of over 6000 members that discusses Commander from a competitive standpoint.

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Brewing a new thing

There’s something satisfying about playing with a deck you’ve made yourself.

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Turbo-Froggy - The Gitrog Monster EDH Primer

First things first, let’s talk about why you should build The Gitrog Monster.

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cEDH Banned List

To back up his last article on the controversial Commander banlist, Leo argues for the changes he would make to the banlist to make it promote a balanced format for competitive players.

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Banlist Observations

Leo sheds light on the controversy surrounding the Commander banlist, and why it should focus on balancing competitive side of the format.

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Pressuring Life Totals

Figuring out who to attack in a multiplayer game can be very difficult. Leo walks you through the different factors that need to be weighed to determine when and who it is correct to attack.

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Lessons Learned from a CEDH Tournament

Leo shares the results of his Competitive EDH tournament and the lessons to be learned from it.

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Why Codifying Casual Doesn't Work

Leo makes a compelling argument for why point systems don't help Casuals and Spikes to play Commander together.

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Playing the Field - Cruel Tutor #2

Commander is a highly localized format, meaning you generally know who your opponents are, and what decks they’re playing. This is l...

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Turning Creatures Sideways - Cruel Tutor

## Competitive EDH## There’s many reasons you’d pick up an EDH deck with combat damage as the primary win condition. You could want ...

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