Board Game Atlas API (2109 Apps Registered)

This is a REST API and it is here for you to access and use the compilation of all known board game data that is available. There are many things you can do with the REST API. Here are some examples.

  • Create a mobile app that can access and use the data.
  • Make a website that can show and use all the board game data from the API.
  • You can download and analyze the information in your own way.
  • Nearly any application language can access and use the API.

Board Game Atlas provides our data free of charge for the purpose of creating commercial or non-commercial Board Game software, performing research, or creating community content like videos and reviews.

See the API in action in our own implementation of a powerful board game search web app. The Board Game Atlas Search .

Apps using the API

We have two reported uses of the API!

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Endpoint Details

The API is available at

All requests return data in JSON format. Currently all API calls require an client_id. It takes 90 seconds to register for an app.

Search Example

To show the simplicity and power of the API, here's an example of the Search resource. This is an example where the search is narrowed by the popular search in descending order.