Board Game Atlas - Kickstarter Advertising

We have two packages that can be purchased seperate or together to advertise your board game.

Front Page Display ($25 / week)

You get two ongoing slots on the front page of Board Game Atlas.

Trending Kickstarters

Your campaign is featured on the front page of Trending Kickstarters

Top Side Bar

Your game is featured at the top of the front page in a sponsored section

News Blast ($50)

Your campaign gets the full announcement treatment accross multiple channels

Blog Preview Post

We'll write a blog post on our official blog for previewing your game.

Email to 15,000 Gamers

We've built an email list of over 15,000 gamers and will send out the preview to them

Social Media Announcement

We'll announce your kickstarter on our social media channels

Front Page News

The blog preview post will be on the front page news and in the news page of the website.