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What did you play this week?
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Bug Found
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Quick Question about the Gold
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philryuh 72 minutes ago

Do you ever go back to your old reviews? What does it take for a game to get 5/5 stars?
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El Salvador game selection
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ReviewPaladins of the West Kingdom: First Impressions
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Friends Tearfully Loot Gamer's Corpse at Funeral to Pay Respects (
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How thematic do you like your games? (how important is it?)
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BGAWhat will make me a full-time BGA User
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Another Meeple or Mini Options
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On Tour App - Free Today Only!
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GameplayPost-session report - Evolution:Climate and Oceans
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My small board games related Facebook page
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Kickstarter cancelled??
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Too many Kickstarters!
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Targi: Solo Play
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Teaching My Daughter Root
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ReviewChampions Of Midgard Review
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Favorite Area Control Games?
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Has anyone taken the dive into Train games?
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GameplayMarco Polo - First Gameplay
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Board Game Music
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Game of the year award 2019 - YouTube (
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Questions for Vincent Dutrait
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Create a TOP 100 Board games on BGG Tier List - TierMaker (
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