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Congrats! And a perfect gif to describe a win!

Congrats! I can't say I helped you win this like you were able to say about my win haha

Not bad! I think I just got real lucky with my first game

Woo! I'm excited for this one! Thanks so much!


 Honestly I was shocked because it was one of the first games she liked and has continued to like. When I asked all I really got was oh I don't know I just don't think we need it hahaha

HA guess I'm going to have to go look up what that game is now ;)  Thanks a bunch! 

HAHA yes you are getting quite the haul of games! You are bound to get games that are not a good fit for you and your group!

Congrats to the winners! If I'm not mistaken, three first-time winners! can you confirm?

Woohoo! Congratulations to all the winners! Looks like an awesome game!