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Since our launch early this year in January 2019 we've exploded in growth to 59,000 users! That makes us the fastest growing board game community in the world. We're going to continue innovating and creating regardless what happens but if you want to help support it, you can!

Some features we want to work on include:

  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Advanced Play Logging System
  • Marketplace for Used Games
  • Convention Database
  • Improved Game Search
  • International Support
  • Game Barcode & Image Scanning
  • More User Suggestions

$405 / $1,000

(All proposed features will be completed before December 2020)

25 Supporters

25 Supporters

Ends in 17 days

Supporters get to vote on new website features, exclusive avatars, profile upgrades, and other perks.

Marshwiggle92 profile image

Marshwiggle92 49 minutes ago

What games did you buy over sales time?
Skurvy5 profile image

Skurvy5 65 minutes ago

What was your favorite game you played in 2019?
philryuh profile image

philryuh 48 minutes ago

BGATop 50 Most Visited Game Pages on BGA in 2019
trentellingsen profile image

trentellingsen 8 hours ago

Why did you Support Board Game Atlas?
Marshwiggle92 profile image

Marshwiggle92 2 minutes ago

philryuh profile image

philryuh 3 hours ago

BGAFeedback Friday! (2019-12-13)
trentellingsen profile image

trentellingsen 27 hours ago

The 100 Most Important Board Games of the 2010s | Meeple Mountain (
Marshwiggle92 profile image

Marshwiggle92 26 hours ago

Interesting review of Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile (
philryuh profile image

philryuh 18 hours ago

BGA Metrics and Milestone of 2019
theDL profile image

theDL 111 minutes ago

What are your favorite "restaurant" games?
philryuh profile image

philryuh 4 hours ago

GameplayMy First Time Playing Viticulture with Tuscany
Manacrest profile image

Manacrest 29 hours ago

CrowdfundingAMA - We're the team behind the Manacrest (physical and digital TCG) Kickstarter project!
philryuh profile image

philryuh 2 days ago

BGAHere's Brian, Our First Two-Time Giveaway Winner!
JamesReid860 profile image

JamesReid860 18 hours ago

What do you think about Board Games having a Tutorial Mode?
JamesReid860 profile image

JamesReid860 20 hours ago

Do you play any board game apps
philryuh profile image

philryuh 3 days ago

Game DesignDesigner Diary 7 – Are You In or Out? (Victory Part 2) | Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile | BoardGameGeek (
JamesReid860 profile image

JamesReid860 2 days ago

Leveling up - just got my first Kallax
philryuh profile image

philryuh 2 days ago

More Video Interviews in the Pipeline
BenjaminK profile image

BenjaminK 24 hours ago

Last 5, Top 5
JamesReid860 profile image

JamesReid860 44 hours ago

What games are “exceptions” for you?
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