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Played Cleocatra

Played at Home with 2 players.

 it's definitely pronounced ooo-vay lol. I don't know if I have a favorite designer but I will say I'm surprised that Stefan Feld and Vital Lacerda didn't make the list. 

So full disclosure, I received the game about 2 weeks ago and played it 4 times now. I tend to fall into the camp of wanting to play/falling in love with the latest game I got so there might be some bias. I would have far more plays if my fiancé were more willing to play games in general lol.

That out of the way, I think the game is amazing. It's basically a sandbox game where you're free to do whatever you want. Of course there are timing considerations when it comes to the milestones so you have to pay attention to what your opponents are doing. My only knocks against the game are:

1) it has a runaway loser problem. I lost a game against my friend I want to say $417 to $35. There was absolutely nothing I could do all game to even remotely compete. I've heard some people can get discouraged when this happens (and rightfully so) but I personally just wanted to play again immediately after to come up with a better strategy.

2) the set up is long and it's such a table hog. Hence the need for my insert. I'm hopeful it will eliminate this negative for me

Overall I'd say if you're remotely interested in it get it 100% When I pulled the trigger I figured at the very least I could try it a couple times and resell it for most of what I spent

The good news is the expansions pretty cheap. The only problem I have is I feel like it should have been included in the base game (among other upgrades aka the player boards) especially considering how much retail is. So to me it feels like you're spending even more to make the game what it should have been from the start.

However it is a great game and you should absolutely play it!

Full dIsclosure: I have not gotten around to playing Terraforming Mars; I've just been really enjoying contributing to the game pages. When I do have the opportunity to play, I'd like it to be with this expansion for the exact reason you have mentioned.

Is the game as good as everyone suggests, in your opinion?

Still waiting on my copy of #The Gallerist to arrive from the last challenge, but that would still get my vote

My vote is for #Food Chain Magnate! My insert just came in today and I'm stoked to use it 

Thanks for the review! I would be willing to try this out, but for me I think I would have to play to totally understand the rules. I definitely land in that blank stare category lol

In my opinion this expansion completely makes the game. I would never play without it - it's way too long!

It really is a cool depiction of theme, and supply and demand. I wish it got to the table more for me!

You're actually making me question whether this is the game I'd get first haha. I already found #Trickerion on a good deal recently and snagged it, because it was my most desired game (I'm a sucker for MindClash games).

So I'm updating the game I would get to either

#The Reckoners Board Game,

#Cerebria: The Inside World, or

#Food Chain Magnate

Thanks for making me think about this, Bob:)



From what I've read, I suspect I'll prefer #War of the Ring (Second Edition) because it's more grand-scheme strategy whereas #The Battle of Five Armies is more skirmish battles. Thematically, War of the Ring is supposed to be stronger as well. I would still like Battle of Five Armies becuase it's another highly rated LotR game, and I love the lore, but War of the Ring will be very hard to beat.

I wish! As of now,  I've only seen videos! 

That's looking good!

Courageous Bob making a 2020 run?

Reading this reminded me of #Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. I'm a little confused about how the tile placement ties into the game. By placing tiles, are you revealing more areas of the map to search for clues from? Also, would the app know who the killer is and be able to give them false leads? 

I've at least heard of both of these! But yeah I think luck based games aren't as popular for sure because it's impossible to strategize.

GWT is one of my favourite games, but I have never played Maracaibo so can't say whether it is worth having both

So I've heard. can't believe I've waited this long to get this one. I hope it brings a breath of fresh air to the vanilla game. 

Really? how so? I know they used a lot of what they learned in vast to inform roots design. but i thought it was pretty cool on its own. I've never played it though.